Android Tablet Gambling Guide

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The Complete Guide To Gambling On Your Android Tablet

There are now tens of millions of Android tablet devices around the world, ranging from functional generic models to some real high-spec items. With so many tablets out there, it is natural that the gambling world should provide ways to access their games on them. This has led to a huge choice of casinos, sports betting sites and online poker games for Android users.

The main problem is not whether these games are available, it is how to spot the best sites with so many options out there.

This article gives you an overview of the 3 major gambling verticals available on your Android Tablet. I have summarized the latest developments below, and provided links to particular areas of interest. After that you will find some practical information, including legality of Android tablet gambling in the US, the app v browser games debate and a reminder on safety and security while gambling online.

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What You’ll Find In This Guide

  • 3 Main Gambling Verticals
  • US Legal Information
  • App or Browser Games?
  • Security Guide + Links


Android Tablet Gambling Guide – The 3 Main Gambling Verticals

These are Casino games, sports betting and online poker. There are many more types of gambling (bingo, fantasy sports and even backgammon), however these 3 take the lions share of the market.

Android tablet users can benefit from the latest innovations in all 3 formats. If you have not checked out just how fast innovation is occurring in this area, well, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Sports Betting On Your Android Tablet

There are two types of innovation which are perfect for tablet owners. First the ‘obvious’ change is that you can bet from anywhere, never missing a wager. You can even bet in-play during a match. A more subtle, but equally valuable innovation concerns the scope of bets available. 5 years ago you could only bet on major sports, and would have a limited choice of lines and bet variations. More recently things have exploded. The number of sports (and events) covered is now huge, and the amount of variations in betting mean that you can get creative with your bets too.

Savvy bettors have created a new industry out of finding ways to hedge losses, find arbitrage opportunities or simply to seek out the best value bets from the 100’s of lines available.

My Sports Betting section has links to guides, reviews and news on the latest innovations in betting technology.

Casino Games On Your Android Tablet

This is the vertical which has benefited the most from tablet and software improvements (as well as improved network speed and reliability). Slots are almost unrecognizable from a few years ago, and I mean that in a very positive way. Once you see the touch-screen optimized games with amazing 3d graphics and video-game quality bonus rounds you’ll wonder why you did not try sooner.

Table games have also been successfully adapted and look better than ever. Innovations like live-dealer casino games are now possible thanks to technology improvements (there are even ‘Playboy’ versions of these!).

I feel that the biggest advantage of Android tablet casinos is to make enjoying these games more social. Instead of being stuck at your PC, you can now watch TV with your family, or have a quick game while out and about. It feels like casino gaming got liberated.

There are reviews of many of the best Android casinos here at High Tech Gambling – whether you are based in the US or Worldwide.

Online Poker On Your Android Tablet

Poker is a mature industry nowadays, with several giant providers having most of the market share. This area is another natural fit with Android Tablets, though not every poker site has done a good job in making the transition.

The main innovation in this area is to make the games faster. Fastest of all are games like ‘Rush’, ‘Zoom’ or ‘Zone’ poker. These take away the time spent waiting for other people to finish betting by moving you to a new hand (with fresh opponents) as soon as you fold. They work great on tablets and allow you to play up to 4 times faster than at regular tables.

I recommend you start at smaller stakes than you are used to live in online poker games. Things get tough at the mid-stakes, and multi-tabling opponents often have millions of hands experience (not to mention software which flags your weaknesses to them!).

There are some soft sites around, with Bovada (Bodog brand) a great choice for US players and 888 keeping things very recreational around the world. See my Android Poker Sites page for summaries of the apps on offer and links to my detailed tests.


Android Tablet Gambling Guide – The US Legal Situation

I wanted to clear up one thing – there are no federal laws which make gambling online a crime for individual players.

What you will find is a lot of confusion! This stems from misinformation (from both the press and politicians) spread after a law called the ‘Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act’ (or UIGEA) was passed in 2006. This law makes some financial transactions between banks and gambling sites illegal – though says nothing about individual players at all.

Even though there is nothing illegal about tablet gambling, there are still a lot of restrictions.

Fortunately there are offshore sites offering some fantastic casino games and sports betting opportunities. Poker needs big pools of players to really thrive, and the current US sites are mid-sized compared to their worldwide rivals. You can still get a good game though, and if this is your area of interest I recommend my dedicated page on US Online Poker Sites for more information.

Android Tablet Gambling Guide – Practical Factors

Three things to cover in this section. First the question of whether it is worth downloading a full app, or whether you should go for the in-browser games instead? Second, an overview of security for your gambling accounts – then finally some ‘buyer beware’ notes about some dodgy bonus offers.

App or Browser?

Android tablets have an advantage over iPads in that they can enjoy both Flash and HTML5 games (iPads are HTML5 only). The technology behind both of these games has improved a ton recently, and is unrecognizable from the clunky and crash-happy games of 5 years ago.

Apps have the edge for me, though only just. If you do go to the trouble of downloading a poker site or casino app then you are more likely to find games which started life as touch-screen compatible (rather than being adapted later). You will also gave more of the heavy load of computing on your tablet, meaning less information over the internet – this gives you faster and smoother play.

On the other side, the browser games do give you more freedom and flexibility to try out different casinos and poker sites without going through the entire app download process. Sports betting fans will find browser sites absolutely fine for most day-to-day needs.

Tablet Security

I have a dedicated page on gambling site security across all types of device – so this is just a reminder of the main points.

First, you need to stay logged out of all gambling sites when you are not playing. This sounds kind of obvious, however many people have lost tablets and found their gambling accounts emptied as a result. There is no comeback on this money, you need to be extra cautious.

You also need to ensure that e-mail is password protected on your tablet. It is all very well logging out of the gambling site – if someone uses you e-mail for a password reset the result is the same.

Buyer Beware Bonuses

Finally, before you jump in to the first Android gambling site you can find, you need to pause and check out the terms and conditions of the different bonuses.

There are some traps out there, bonuses with high play-through rates and a short validity time. These are often so difficult to clear that you’ll have virtually no chance from the start.

Here at High Tech Gambling I only feature operators with 5+ years track record, clear bonus terms which are player-friendly and a great record in quick and easy cash-outs. Make sure you do not yet caught out!