Great 88 A New Slot from BetSoft

When BetSoft release a new slot, I generally drop everything and take it for a spin right away. I’m happy to report that Great 88 did not disappoint. You will not find the complexity of some BetSoft slots (it looks great, though there is no 3D animated ‘host’ for example), you will find a beautifully designed game with several different variations on the bonus rounds to keep you engaged.

Red Kings Poker Move to MicroGaming Network

There have been a lot of changes in the 9 years I have been covering online poker. One thing which has remained constant throughout is that Red Kings Poker have been my go-to site on the OnGame Poker Network (recently rebranded as NYX)

Over the last couple of years, OnGame has been in a steady decline as far as player numbers are concerned. Now, that old favourite – Red Kings – are about to up sticks and move over the the newly invigorated MPN (MIcroGaming Poker Network).


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