Fire On Giraltar

On Easter Sunday there was an explosion and a fire at a major Gibraltar power station which left much of the 2.3 square mile territory without power. This power outage caused massive disruption in the online gambling industry, shutting down the operations of several firms.  Online gambling plays an important part of Gibraltar’s economy as because of the territory’s low taxes, many international gambling firms are based there.

The NBA Racism Scandal

On Saturday the LA Clippers host the Golden State Warriors in game seven of their first round playoff series, however the series has been overshadowed by a racism row that has rocked the NBA.

On Friday, April 25th TMZ Sports released a recording of a conversation between the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling and his female friend V. Stiviano, in which it is alleged that Sterling made a series of racist comments.

UK Blocking More Betting Shops

Ministers in the UK government have pledged this week that there will be restrictions on new betting shops. Currently no planning permission is needed to build a betting shop, being in the same building usage category as banks or building societies, however ministers are looking to change this, in an effort to curb gambling addiction.

EPL Title Race Wide Open

Going into last weekend, Liverpool looked firm favorites to tie up their first Premier League title, and their first championship since the 1989-90 season. However, their home defeat to Chelsea on Sunday, coupled with Manchester City’s win over Crystal Palace has left the destination of the Premiership trophy in some doubt, with three teams in contention as we enter the final two weeks of the season.


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