2 Million BC Slot Guide

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Complete Guide to the 2 Million B.C. Slot by BetSoft

2 Million B.C. is one of the amazing range of 3D slots from BetSoft. It is available at US friendly casinos, as well as those welcoming international players. Like many of the ‘Slots3’ (slots ‘cubed’) range of games, the graphics are stunning – you’ll feel like you are in an adventure from some high end console game rather than a traditional slot. As the name suggests, the themes of this 30 reel video slot is prehistoric times – with a cool caveman as the lead character among sabre tooth tigers and mammoths.

This page gives you a complete overview of the BetSoft 2 Million B.C. online video slot. The setup and basics are first, followed by the bonus and feature rounds like the ‘Fire Free Spins’, ‘Acorn Drop Down’ bonus and Sabre-Toothed bonus.

2 Million BC Slot Screenshot

BetSoft 2 Million B.C. Slot - Game Basics

2 Million B.C. slot is set in prehistoric times, before the beginning of the Ice Age. You’ll be introduced to the game with a video, which has one character who definitely belongs in a Disney film with a similar name!

The game itself is hosted by a caveman, who stands in front of the reels – looking genuinely please when a win comes in. There are many animations which happen in front of and on the reels, which give an amazing 3D effect. You’ll spin using the caveman’s fire. If you hit a big win a cavewoman appears (along with a big heart), though there is a twist to this particular clip…

The graphics and sounds are incorporated into the whole theme of the game, including the reels and the stone like buttons.  The sounds keep you interested and change when you hit one of the bonus features during the game.  The caveman sits to the side grunting, cheering, dancing to encourage you and he even occasionally fights the sabre-tooth tiger. 

2 Million B.C. slot is a 5-reel, 30 line game and pays out according to the number of lines you bet on.  Your winnings are shown in both coins and credit. The slot allows you a minimum bet of $0.02 (60c for max lines) up to $150 per spin.

2 Million B.C. – Bonus Features

There are 3 bonus features offered by 2 Million B.C slot, these are smaller wins (as in not 6-figure progressives, they can still be big) and come around frequently enough to keep your bankroll ticking over.

If you get 3 fire symbols you trigger free spins - if you get 3 more fire symbols while in free spins you get additional spins. If  1 or more giant acorn lands on any line a giant bee pops out and picks it up to stash to add toward taking down the sabre in the Acorn Drop down challenge, once you have collected three.  Just take an acorn aim with your mouse and click when you are ready to win. If you get 3 diamonds then you can get your revenge on the sabre by stealing a diamond from his paws using one of 3 tactics; sneak, attack or amuse.

2 Million B.C. – Game Summary

This is different from the 100’s of video slots around today - it offers you humorous and entertaining 3D animation throughout, and still has the potential or some decent wins. If you have already experienced BetSoft titles, then you will already know about their graphics and setup, if not then you really are missing out on the cutting edge of slot design.

Perhaps one of the negatives of the game is that when you are in Auto-play mode it isn’t possible for you to set up the ‘until feature’ like you can in other games.  So it just keeps going until you stop it. This is a minor quibble really.

This has been adapted for mobile play in the ‘ToGo’ range from BetSoft, and will work in the browser of any iOS, Android or Windows device.

A fantastic slot and completely flexible – both US and International players can access this game at the acclaimed Drake Casino – check them out at www.drakecasino.eu now!

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