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Aliens is a classic, this slot manages to recreate the atmosphere of the film without going over the top about it. The edginess is there, with dark, brooding background music interrupted with dramatic and jumpy noises when you hit wins. There are 3 levels in this game, starting with the ‘Search’, you need to complete an ‘Alien Activity Meter’ to progress to the 2 different bonus rounds.

This review covers the game setup and basics, bonus features, device compatibility and ends with my thoughts on how this game fits in with the other titles competing for your attention.

NetEnt slots are not currently available for US based players, here is a list of US Friendly Slots Software Houses instead.

Aliens Slot Screen Shot NetEnt

Aliens Slot Review – Basic Setup and Winning Combinations

This game is based on a 5 reel video slot with 15 winning lines. These are fixed, though you can control your bets with up to 10 levels and your coin size. Max bets are $1 x 150 (15 lines, level 10) = $150, with the smallest being 15c (which is 1c coins at level 1). You can win up to 570,000 coins in any one spin – which certainly makes up for the lack of progressive jackpot.

One minor gripe about this game is that it is not clear at first that you are supposed to click the triangle between the ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Max bet’ to spin the reels. I hit max instead, assuming this was the right button.

A difference with other slots is that winning lines are highlighted while the reels are still spinning. When you hit those 2 or 3 symbol wins, the coins are totaled and the other reels spin a bit longer – the bigger wins are then displayed below the screen. When you win the sound effects are jarring, which adds to the edginess of the game.

All of the symbols are of the Aliens in one form or another, some with different views, others at different stages of development (starting from eggs). The paytable for this game is beneath the ‘I’ symbol on the left hand side. The more mature (bigger pics too) the alien, the bigger your prize. The red framed monster view gets you 1000 coins for lining up 5. There are wild symbols (white logos) too.

Where this game differs from mainstream slots is with the ‘Alien Activity Meter’ across the top of the reels. This has 9 spaces to fill at level 1, when you get there you will be transported to level 2 (a bonus round where you shoot aliens). This meter also includes multipliers (up to 8x) and fills up as you win depending on the number of symbols and which different ones you hit on each spin. If you spin without hitting a win, the leftmost activity meter entry is removed.

The return to player of this slot game is 96.6%, which is pretty good compared to many other titles.

NetEnt Aliens Slot Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds are quite complex, if you count them in terms of symbols, ammo clips and the rules which determine how long they go on for. If instead you look at them from a ‘what happens to the player’ perspective, they are far more straight forward.

First you’ll get the ‘Encounter’. This is triggered when your alien activity meter is full. You are taken to a new screen, a corridor, where you have the first person perspective (and a big gun) and get to shoot aliens. The reels have 3 fixed positions (the middle row of reels 1, 2 and 3) and each of the symbols you have in your activity meter appear there in turn – guaranteeing you wins.

You also have ammo clips to consider. You can top these up with new ammo symbols, and when you run out… well, those aliens are not exactly known for being friendly – you’ll be killed and return to the first part of the game again.

If you manage to survive the ‘Encounter’, then you will be taken to the final level – the Hive. This is a crazy shoot-em up with the Queen, in which you are trying to win as many coins as possible before you run out of ammo. This plays like a console game – with a health meter which starts off full. Unusually, the reels spin horizontally in this part of the game too.

Device Compatibility of the Aliens Slot

NetEnt slots do not have the traditional download versions for PCs / Macs, instead working in your browser window using Flash. These games will work on mobile devices, though some slots are better on smaller (smartphone) sized screens than others. iOS users will be able to play this game, which is part of the NetEnt touch range of mobile-friendly titles.

Aliens Slot – My Summary

With the attention to detail of NetEnt, combined with the dark theme and different levels of game-play, this is an excellent game. The big payout of 570k coins per spin helps keep you interested, and the occasional forays into the ‘Encounter’ and ‘Hive’ rounds breaks up the usual game-play.

NetEnt in general are really giving the giants like MicroGaming and PlayTech a strong challenge at the moment. You can try out all of these titles at the multi-award winning Mr Green casino at

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