Biggest Vegas Slots Jackpots

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Which Slots Have The Biggest Jackpots In Las Vegas?

Multiplayer Vegas SlotsNo trip to Las Vegas would be complete without at least a small session on one of their famous jackpot slots. Even if slots are not normally your thing, then you owe it to yourself to at least attempt to get on the flight home a few million dollars richer!

This article highlights some of the slots which are perfect for the casual player looking for this kind of thrill. After outlining two ideas for slots to try out, I have covered some of the main categories of slot games which you’ll find in casinos in Vegas and around the world.

Biggest Vegas Slots – MegaBucks

This is not just one machine, it is a group of machines which are linked together to pay out the biggest jackpots in Vegas. MegaBucks paid out the single biggest slots jackpot ever won, when a machine at the Excalibar casino paid out $37 million (yes, you read it right thirty-seven-million bucks!).

The jackpots on these machines get reset to $10 million whenever they are won. There is even talk of increasing the reset amount to $11 million soon.

You’ll need to spin for 3 coins to have a chance of winning the big one, that’s $3 per spin.

What you will find is that there are plenty of smaller winning combinations which keep your bankroll turning over while you are waiting for the big one to hit. Of course, the returns for the average player are lower than with many other slots. Even if the return is good when you include the jackpot, the chances of hitting it are small, which means for most players, the return is the sum of smaller wins – with the coins being taken out for the jackpot increase each time you spin.

This slot can be found at almost all the Vegas casinos. They are usually prominently displayed, though if you can’t find them then the casino staff will point you in the right direction. Megabucks is well known and well-loved in Vegas, and every year there are more people winning incredible jackpots in this game.

Biggest Vegas Slots – Lion’s Share

Would you play on a slot which has become a legend for never having paid out its progressive jackpot?

The Lions Share is an old style 3-reel machine which has been serving thousands of players each year from its place in the MGM Mirage. This machine was installed in 1993, and in 21 years has never once paid the big one!

Reaching legendary status, there are now queues of people wishing to play this game.

The jackpot payout is one of the biggest in Vegas, checking in at a cool $2.3 million.

There is an extra treat for whoever wins it, you get to keep the machine!

Again, if you do play, make sure that you play for all 3 coins, this is needed to trigger the jackpot. If you play for one or two, then hitting 3 Lions could leave you wondering ‘what if?’ for a long time to come.

Update: Lion's Share finally paid! Fortunately, there are still 100's of games with big jackpots, including the amazing multi-player slots from IGT, several of which have million dollar jackpots to go with their 103 inch screens.

Biggest Vegas Slots Jackpots – Slots Overview

Magnifying GlassThere are 100’s of different jackpot slots games in Vegas, these range from $1000 on some ‘solo’ slots to $millions on some of the linked progressive games. Here is an overview of the different types of slot games you will have to choose from.

Remember to read the game instructions before you play any game, the number of coins needed to become eligible for the jackpot does vary between machines. If you miss out on the big one due to a mistake, it will be too late- so best be prepared.


Here are the main categories:

Traditional Slots: These were the only slots for more than 100 years! This describes games with 3 reels, often mechanical, where you need to line up bars or sevens on the win-line. Many have jackpots attached, some being very big. While these look ‘old school’ compared to the modern slot games, they remain the most popular format overall.

Video Slots 1: I’m dividing the video slots, and this section describes the simple end of the spectrum. You’ll find a lot of 5-reel video slots with between 9 and 30 win lines, you can often choose the number of lines to play and your coins. These include special symbols which substitute for any others, and ‘scatters’ which pay out wherever they land on the screen. There are various themes and many machines have jackpots, and free spin feature-rounds, which can lead to a nice windfall.

Modern Video Slots: This genre has been evolving over the years and the modern machines include video clips (often from movies they are themed on), interactive bonus rounds and often double-screens with special features happening separately from the main reels. This is a diverse group of slots and really appeals to people looking for some entertainment along with the chance of a big win. Again, many have jackpots, some larger ones and others just measured in the $10000’s.

Multi-Player Slots: This is the latest development for slots fans. You can sit in a group of 5 players, and enjoy a slot together. Everyone bets on their own games, and there are both individual and group bonuses on a huge shared screen. These are themed around movies and TV shows and really do provide a social and immersive experience. The jackpot payouts are still involved!

Online Slots: Not so much Vegas, though it is worth pointing out that many of the software companies putting games into the casinos now have ‘interactive’ arms. These license many games to the bigger international casinos, where you can play them in your browser window.

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