Golden Ticket Slot Review

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Play N Go Slots LogoThe Golden Ticket slot by Play N Go is a very original take on the slot theme, so original in fact that calling the game just a slot doesn’t do it justice. The game is based around the circus, featuring such characters as the ringmaster, a clown and a strongman – however it’s the Golden Ticket you’ll want to hit to win the big prizes!

In this review I begin by explaining exactly how this ‘slot’ works and the differences between this and your normal slot. I move onto look at the payouts and the impressive bonus feature in the game. I finish by giving my overall view of the slot before recommending an online casino where you’ll be able to enjoy the Golden Ticket Slot as well as 100's of others from all of the software houses that matter.

The Golden Ticket – How the Game Works

The game starts with the ringmaster welcoming you aboard before entering the game itself. You’ll notice immediately that this game works on a 5 x 5 grid and hitting start will see all of the symbols drop off the screen, to be replaced by a new set of symbols – which has a different feel to the reels you would normally see at a slot. If landing three symbols in a row (either horizontally or vertically) the middle symbol will turn into a ‘Golden Ticket’, which will now be wild. You’ll also see the winning symbols disappear, and the symbols above will drop into these empty slots – much like you would find when playing a game such as Candy Crush. This can lead to repeated winning lines and can also lead to an entire column being vacated – if this is the case and the word ‘BONUS’ is behind the column, you’ll be taken to the bonus round.

Every time any of the symbols are landed 3, 4 or 5 times in a row you’ll receive a prize, the best symbols in the game being the ringmaster, the strongman and the clown.

Play N Go Golden Ticket


The Golden Ticket – Bonus Round

The bonus feature sees you enter a shooting gallery with 5 rows of 5 different targets appearing, be they ducks, balloons, stars or elephants. You’ll win if 5 of the same targets appear at the same time. However the targets can appear up to ten times, and the biggest prizes are awarded for this, with the clown target being the most rewarding of all.

When you enter the bonus round the first time you might think that it’s an arcade round, this due to there being targets, however this round does actually auto play so there is no human interaction here.

Golden Ticket Slot Bonus Round

Golden Ticket Slot Overview

Of all the slots I’ve played, and I’ve played many, I have to say that this is one of the most original, and I’m not even sure it fits into the ‘slot’ category completely. Each spin keeps you completely involved, and when the Golden Tickets start appearing and the grid starts collapsing, the wins can quickly add up. Although highly original, the gameplay after a while can become slightly repetitive at times, as you’ll simply be striving to move onto the bonus round. The bonus round is a good one, but it is the only feature in the game. Overall I would recommend that everyone try this game – the slot traditionalist might not take to it, but the smartphone gamer certainly will. I wonder whether there are any plans to make a live version of this game available at Las Vegas' Circus Circus casino?!?

Golden Ticket Slot – Device Compatibility

The Golden Ticket slot is one of the Play N Go range that is available on mobile devices. The game has been developed in Flash for web play and in HTML5 for distribution through smartphones and tablets – making the game available through the browser of your device.

Golden Ticket Slot at Guts Casino

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