Green Lantern Slot Review

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Complete Guide the All Action Online Video Slot Green Lantern by Cryptologic

Green Lantern Slot LogoThe Green Lantern Slot is a sold game from Cryptologic. You find a choice of mode in which to play before you get started - the decision of whether to play the slot in normal play mode or in ‘Bonus Feature’ mode. The Bonus Feature Mode will cost you an extra 10 coins but you have the chance to trigger the ‘Ring’ feature in this mode. 

This page gives you a complete guide to the Green Lantern Slot. I have first explained the main features of the game and how it works.  After this you will find how the bonus features are triggered and how they work. After this I have given my opinion of the Green Lantern Slot and compared it to other slots available from Crypto and other software houses.

Green Lantern Slot Game Basics

Green Lantern Slot is based on the DC comic series Green Lantern. Cryptologic signed an agreement with DC in 2009. Green Lantern film was released in 2011 with the slot being a spin-off from this. The reels and background illustrations feature comic like animations, giving a nod to the popular comic strip that the film was based on.

The Green Lantern Slot is a 50 pay out line 5 reel slot with a minimum bet per line of $0.10 and a maximum bet per line of $20. The maximum bet per spin is $1000. If you hit the Bonus Bet button you can activate the Ring feature but you pay an extra 10 coins, it is worth doing this because you add the possibility of triggering an extra bonus game and also 10 more win-lines (taking the total to 60). The Green Lantern slot is a non-progressive slot, but there are many possibilities of big wins and many free spins. The maximum cash pay-out is $400,000 (which is 20k coins).

The symbols on the Green Lantern reels are your standard 9 –Ace and the higher paying Green Lantern, his power ring, Sinestro, Ganthet and Battery.

Green Lantern Slot Screen

Green Lantern Slot Bonus Rounds

The Green Lantern Wild appears on reels 2 and 4 and can be stacked. 9 times out of 10 if the Wild symbol lands on these reels you will be paid out and the wins are also multiplied 2x.  If you land a wild on reels 2 and 4 with the battery symbol on reel 3 you activate 1 of the free spins features. You will be awarded with 24 free spins.  During this Green Lantern Free Spins Feature if wilds land, your winning combinations are multiplied 4x.              

If you have opted for the Green Lantern Slot Ring Bonus game then it will be triggered when 3 or more of the ring scatter symbols land any of the reels. During this feature Green Lantern and Sinestro shoot Green and Yellow power beams at each other and Green Lantern tries to beat Sinestro to gain multipliers which can be up to 100x your original bet. This feature is not interactive so you have no control over Green Lantern.

How Does Green Lantern Compare to Other Slots?

Green Lantern as superbly illustrated and very entertaining to play. The sound effects go well with the super hero theme and the animations bring to life the film and comic. Green Lantern Slot pays out (smaller amounts) very often and the wilds come in on many of your spins, for me this is at the lower end of the variance scale. There are not many slots which offer the Bonus Bet type feature, unlocking more rounds. Usually in other games you have to hit certain scatters or wilds to trigger new bonus games.  If you take into account that you have to pay extra to activate the Ring Bonus – though this does balance out with the extra entertainment offered and potential for more large wins.

While this is not quite in the same league as the PlayTech Marvel series (for example the Incredible Hulk or Iron Man 3 both blow this one away), Green Lantern is still an entertaining and nicely put together slot.