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Play High 5 Slots Online for Real Money

High 5 Games was founded in 1995 and produced their first slot way back in 2002, the company having something of a different approach to many other developers. In 2012, the company launched their Facebook platform and it quickly grew to become one of the premier sites on the social network, and this has become a fine testing ground for eventual real money games. Today, High 5 Games produce slots for both Facebook and for online casinos, with an ever growing range of games, each different but with many familiar trademark features.

In this overview I look at the High 5 Games range as a whole, focusing on three particular features that appear in a large proportion of the games – split symbols, tumbling reels and super stacks. I finish by discussing three games that really catch the eye, each of these certainly worth playing.

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Play High 5 Slots Online for Real Money

High 5 Games Formats

The majority of the games you’ll find online follow the very popular 5x3 reel configuration, although you will come across some games which differ, 6x4 being a feature of a handful of games. You’ll also find other games where the reels are set up in a diamond formation, with the number of symbols decreasing as you reach the outer reels. At the vast majority of the games you’ll find at least one of the following features, if not more than one:

Split Symbols – At a number of games you’ll have something of a surprise when you look at the pay table and see wins go all the way up to 10 in a row – tough going on a 5 reel slot! However, you’ll find split symbols at these games, where you’ll either find a single image or a twin image within the symbol. Land the twin image split symbol and it will count as two symbols – land five split symbols in a row and you have your 10 in a row!

Tumbling Reels – You’ll notice this feature immediately as the symbols will fall onto the reels instead of spinning, but it gets much better than this. Every time you land a win, the winning symbols will disappear to be replaced by the symbols from above, with brand new symbols appearing at the top of the reels. The reels will now be re-evaluated and any wins will see the process repeat over and over again until no new wins are gained. All of the tumbling reels wins come at the cost of just one spin.

Super Stacks – Super Stacks is a system where you will see one individual symbol dominate the reels. This is achieved by one symbol being picked at random before each spin, and this symbol will now fill a large proportion of the reels, filling entire reels regularly. Filling three or four reels with the same symbol can make for some highly profitable spins, especially when the super stacked symbol is a high paying one or even a wild.

Graphically, the slot range is very solid, without quite reaching the heights of some developers today, although High 5 Games do have a tendency to include attractive female and male characters in their slots, which certainly add to the experience.

Night of the Wolf Slot Machine

High 5 Games Recommended Slots

Secrets of the Forest – This is a 5 reel game where you’ll find the tumbling reels feature in place. With a fantasy setting, you’ll find three fairies gracing the reels, one blonde, one brunette and the other with purple hair. This slot has 99 pay lines, which is certainly unusual, meaning the tumbling reels will be tumbling very often! The highlight of the game is a free spins round where double the amount of wilds fill the reels.

Miyuki and Friends – This game features three anime style characters who you might think are part of a TV series or a film. However the game is a truly original one, this particular game making use of the Super Stacks system. Alongside Miyuki, a dark haired young girl, you’ll find her two friends – one looking like a blue alien, while the other is yellow and could be a member of the cat or the monkey family! The impressive free games feature sees only the highest paying symbols super stacked.

Night of the Wolf – The intro screen to this slot shows a very handsome young couple, though the moment you start playing it quickly becomes evident that all is not what it seems. The giveaway clue is the fact that for every human character there is a matching werewolf, so it quickly becomes clear that they are one and the same. Here you’ll find the split symbols in action, with the male and female the highest paying on the reels when you land the maximum 10 in a row. The feature is once again a free spins round, where all of the humans and wolves are guaranteed to be split.

Where to Play High 5 Slots Online for Real Money

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High 5 Games - NetBet

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