Live Dealer 3 Card Poker at 888 Casino

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three card pokerI'm personally very happy to announce that 888 Casino have recently added 3 card poker to their live dealer casino repertoire alongside Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em.  This is not only a brilliant poker game -  it is perhaps the fastest moving game at the live casino, the relative simplicity of the rules meaning more hands can be played per hour at this game than any of the others popular casino poker variants.

This article begins with a description of the rules of 3 card poker, including both the standard betting and the side bets available. A basic strategy is then described, which you can use to minimize the house edge at the game. The article ends by detailing the live dealer experience at 888 casino and the options you’ll find at the table.

Rules of Live Dealer 3 Card Poker

To start the game you’ll place an ante bet, this bet being anywhere between the upper and lower limits enjoyed at the table (this is currently between £1 and £5,000 at the 888 live dealer casino). You’ll now see your 3 cards and make a decision whether to play or fold. Playing will cost you another bet equal to your ante, folding simply means you’ve lost your ante.

If you play and your hand beats the dealers hand your ante bet will immediately win. Should the dealer have Queen high or better and you win, you’ll also win your play bet (should the dealers hand be less than Queen high it will be deemed not to ‘qualify’ and your play bet will be a push). If your hand is of lower value than the dealers then you’ll lose both your ante and play bet.

Should your original 3 cards form a straight or higher you’ll receive a bonus payment on your ante bet (whether you win or not). A straight flush pays 5/1, 3 of a kinds pays 4/1 and a straight pays even money.

You’ll also be able to place two different side bets when playing.

The first is a ‘pairs plus’ bet where you’ll win if your hand is a pair or better. A pair itself pays even money, but the odds escalate up to 100/1 for a mini royal flush.

The second is the 6 card bonus bet. This is a side bet based upon the best 5 card hand that can be made from both your 3 cards and the dealers. You’ll need at least 3 of a kind (5/1) to receive a payout, the top payout being a royal flush which pays at odds of 1,000/1.

3 Card Poker Basic Strategy

Magnifying GlassThe optimal strategy for 3 card poker is quite simple – you should play if your hand is Q-6-4 or better and fold if it is worse. (Using a strategy of simply playing a Queen or higher produces very similar results). As with all casino games there is a negative expectation as you’ll not be able to overcome the house edge, but making use of a good strategy will extend your table time and give you a much greater chance of having that purple patch where you’ll walk away with a nice profit.

888 Casino Live Dealer Experience

When entering the live dealer casino you’ll be sat face to face with the dealer at the 3 card poker table. You won’t necessarily be the only player at the table, but it does actually appear this way. The experience is a good one, as the dealers are all very friendly and you’ll find the majority of games are hosted by attractive female dealers which has proven to be very popular at the games. The dealer will usually welcome new players to the table and interaction is possible through the chat box on your screen. You’ll have 2 view options – a classic view with the dealer in a window above the betting area being the other option to the default 3D view. You can also adjust the video quality, this reliant upon the speed of your internet connection.

You’ll bet in exactly the same way you would at a virtual casino, although obviously the outcome of the bets is based upon the real action at the tables. The other difference from a virtual casino is that the hands are played after a set interval, as opposed to playing a hand as soon as the previous hand finishes – this so that all players have a chance to make their decisions.

Live Dealer 3 Card Poker Screen Shot

888 Casino

Alongside the live dealer casino you’ll find an award winning virtual casino at 888. Here you’ll find a wide range of all of your favourite casino games including table games featuring Blackjack and Roulette and fun games such as Deal or No Deal and Keno. You’ll also find an amazing range of slots, some of these offering Jackpot amounts which will blow your mind.

When you join the 888 Casino you’ll be given € /£88 free to play with, as well as a bonus of up to € /£100 when making your first deposit.

Check out the live casino, and long list of slots and entertaining table games at for yourself now!

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