Live Dealer Caribbean Stud

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Overview and Strategy For Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Caribbean Stud is one of the original live casino poker variations. These games now compete with many more variations including Let It Ride, 3 Card Poker and Casino Holdem – though the original game still has many fans.

The good news is that you can now enjoy this game hosted by a real dealer and streamed right onto your device at leading (non-US) online casinos.

This brings a new social aspect to the game, as well as extinguishing any lingering doubts about how fair the deal is. Tried out the live dealer Caribbean Stud from Evolution gaming yesterday for the first time, and was impressed by the smoothly run game and personable dealers.

Here is what you will find on this page:

  • Where to play live dealer Caribbean Stud

  • How to the setup works (finding the game, betting, side bets and so on)

  • Strategy and tips for getting the most from the game

Where to Play Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker Online?

I strongly recommend sticking with the biggest and best online casino of all for Caribbean Stud live streamed games –

There are several reasons for this, though the main one is the way that 888 integrate the live games from the excellent Evolution Gaming studio into their client. This is simply a tab on the main casino, so you can switch between live games, slots and the regular table games list with a single click – all from the same wallet.

888 offers the following live dealer games: Blackjack, Roulette (including Immersive Roulette!), 3 Card Poker, Casino Holdem Poker and Baccarat… as well as the Caribbean Stud table.

You can also get $88 in free play to check out the real money games and slots without needing to make a deposit or enter any credit card information. My welcome bonus is long gone, though the rewards system and new promos are great reasons to stick with 888. You can also enjoy unique slots (check out Millionaire Genie soon!).

Check out the live Caribbean Stud Poker, and see the latest deals for yourself – over at now!

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How Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker Works

Once you are logged on to the 888 Casino software, the large icon on the left hand side of your screen is for the live dealer games. You can also access these games via the in-browser games or via your iPad or tablet. Live dealer games work better for slightly larger screens, though it is possible to play them on a bigger smartphone.

From this menu you will see a list of games, each with a table and a dealer picture. Caribbean Stud is the last item on this list (as the most recent addition). Clicking these icons brings you to a screen where you choose from a number of tables to play at. Right now, there is only a single Caribbean Stud poker game – you’ll see the stakes ($1 to $3000) on that icon.

When the table opens up, here is what you will see:

Live Caribbean Stud Online - Table

There are three betting circles on the felt. These are the ante (mandatory if you are to play the game), the call (always exactly double the ante if you would like to play) and the 5+1 side bet.

You click on the denomination of chip required and then click on the ante or 5+1 circle to bet. The minimum bet is just $1 for either of these. With the $3000 max high enough to be something to dream about only for the majority of us!

Each hand is timed. If you do not get your ante bet on before the 15 second timer runs out, then you will not play that hand. If you get your ante on, but fail to make a play / not play decision in time – then the game decides you elected to fold and your ante will disappear.

The 5+1 side bet is settled based on the 6 face-up cards before you bet. There are 1000-to-1 odds for a royal flush, and you get paid for 3 or a kind or better on this.

All hands are dealt to their conclusion, with the dealer revealing the last 4 cards and the bets being settled regardless of how an individual player acted. This allows some people to fold and others to play on each hand.

Chat / Social Elements: You can chat with the dealer or the other players using a text chat facility. Dealers will not have time to type anything, though will often speak back to the players.

Strategy for Live Dealer Caribbean Stud

The basic strategy for this game is to play with Ace and King or better, and to fold everything else. This keeps things very simple and will keep you out of trouble (and stop you handing the casino a bigger house edge).

The dealer’s hand will need to qualify in order for you to be paid out on your call bet. If the dealer does not hit Ace King or better, then they have not qualified and the payment is 1-to-1 on the ante with the call bet being returned.

If the dealer qualifies then the hands are compared to determine a winner. If the dealer wins then both the call and ante bet are lost. If the player wins then the hands are compared to the following table for extra bonus wins on the call part of the bet – some of these can be big!

  • Royal Flush: 100-to-1
  • Straight Flush: 50-to-1
  • Four of a Kind: 8-to-1
  • Full House: 8-to-1
  • Straight: 6-to-1
  • 3 of a Kind: 4-to-1
  • 2 Pairs: 2-to-1
  • 1 Pair or Ace-King: 1-to-1

The software will quickly work out whether you have won and pay the correct amount. If there is an issue (for example you believe that you have been given an incorrect payment) then you can ask the dealer to call support via the chat window. Support staff then appear in the chat and will look through the history of the hand before deciding on their action. Glitches are very rare, the main role of support appears to be to reassure players that things are working correctly.

Live Dealer Caribbean Stud – Next Steps

I’m very happy to see Caribbean Stud join the ranks of live dealer casino games, and hope to see you in the list of winners scrolling up the left hand side of the screen soon!

You can check out this game at the biggest online casino around – 888 – grab your bonus cash and check out the live Caribbean Stud at now!

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