Live Dealer Sic Bo Games Guide

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Complete Guide to Sic Bo at Live Dealer Online Casinos

Sic Bo has roots going back 100’s of years. While the combinations of 3 dice might seem limited, this game manages to break them out into many types of bet and combination of bets. You can now enjoy Sic Bo in live-dealer format. This means that a real croupier at a remote studio is running the game – which is streamed in real time to your computer. Betting is done on a traditional layout by clicking your mouse. Live dealer Sic Bo games take away any doubt about how fair the roll is. These games also have a social element. Players can chat using a text box, and the hostess will be able to reply to any questions out loud.

This game has a big Asian following, and you will find it in many Asian live dealer casino studios. While Asian branded casinos (for example Bodog88) mostly run this game. You need to be more selective with the European casinos.

Below you will find out where to play live dealer Sic Bo, details of how the live dealer systems work and (for those not yet familiar with the game) the different types of betting.

Live Dealer Sic Bo Online

Where to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

The majority of High Tech Gambling readers should head to the top-rated BetFair Casino. This older brand focuses on the big range of PlayTech slots and table games. They have a live dealer casino setup which includes both the European and Asian studios, giving you a huge choice of tables and betting limits.

Hit the Asian live dealer games, click on Sic Bo, and you’ll find yourself a game running around the clock.

Asia Based Players

Players based out in Asia can access a casino which is dedicated for you. This is Bodog88, part of the wider global brand which includes Bodog and Bovada branded sites. Not only will you find a packed live dealer casino – there are 100’s of table games and slots at this casino too.

US Based Players

At the moment there are no reputable US casinos offering live dealer Sic Bo Games. I will keep an eye on this situation, and will update this page if any games come up. For more general live dealer action which includes poker variations, roulette, blackjack and baccarat – I recommend you check out

How to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

The key difference between the virtual (player vs computer) Sic Bo games and the live dealer versions is that the live games are timed.

This is because many players (potentially 100’s) will be betting on the same game, and things need to keep moving. If you enter the live casino while a game is in progress, you’ll need to wait for it to finish. If you miss the countdown to place your bets (or to ‘rebet’ if you prefer this option), then the game will continue without you being involved. If your numbers come up in that situation, there is no recourse.

If you get disconnected while betting then your bets will stand and you will be paid on any winnings for any bets made in that game before you were disconnected. If this disconnection prevents you from betting, or other technical issues occur, there is no recourse.

Betting is very easy. While this is slightly different in each live dealer Sic Bo game – the principle is the same. You first click on the size of your chip from a rack at the bottom of the screen. Next you click on the betting surface to place the chip(s), there is an ‘undo’ button in case you make a mistake. If you have a favorite layout then it is much easier just to click the ‘rebet’ button each time.

You will see your own chips on the screen, though the bets from other players will not be visible. The dealer will operate on an empty betting surface and does not know what you or any of the other players have bet.

Stakes are a little higher than in many virtual Sic Bo games. These start at $1 for the higher odds bets and up to $5 for the even money chances.

Live Dealer Sic Bo – Next Steps

Putting Sic Bo in the live dealer setting really does bring the game to life. Like all live casino games, once you try this format the ‘virtual’ version will feel very flat and ordinary in comparison!

Outside of the Asian casinos this game is not as popular as some other casino games, though you can still find a great version from Europe via the PlayTech live dealer setup.

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