5 Amazing Multi Player Vegas Slots

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The Next Generation of Vegas Slots is Multi-Player

Slots have been through a constant process of chance since the first mechanical devices appeared towards the end of the 1800’s. With video slots getting ever more complex, with multiple screens and video sequences – many people wondered where the games would go next.

Well, the answer is into the multiplayer direction.

There are several Vegas slots which you now play alongside other people. There are some elements which are separate, and there are bonus rounds which you will share. One issue that needed to be overcome was how to reward players who might be betting very different amounts on each spin differently during the bonus rounds?

The new multiplayer slots manage this by basic group bonuses on the basis of coins wagered. For example 3 players could get a bonus together, with 150 credits awarded. Someone betting 5c per line would win $7.50c while someone betting 50c would net a $75 win instead.

There are plenty of individual bonus rounds which use the big shared screens. If someone is already playing a bonus, then yours will be put in the queue for when they finish – and you’ll be able to keep spinning while you wait if you wish.

Here are my 5 picks for the latest generation of live Multi-player Slots you can find in Vegas (and in other casinos around the country).

#1 – The Dark Knight Rises

Multiplayer Vegas SlotsThis Batman-themed slot has made serious waves in the world of casinos. It is dark, brooding and an amazing immersive experience, as well as having the potential for big wins. 5 players can sit at this machine. Each has their own screen, and there is a giant one above with 2 side-screens. The main screen plays clips from the film, and also hosts the bonus rounds.

The best bonus is called ‘The Battle for Gotham City’. This is a car chase between Batman and the Joker, where you go through ‘checkpoints’ that award you credits along the way. Best of all – you can choose whether to race as Batman or the Joker.

#2 – Sex and the City

There are both single player and group slots based on Sex and the City. The bonus rounds are themed on the characters, and there is also a big progressive jackpot to be won. One extra with this slot is that you can play up to 4 slots on one screen, or just one big one. While you’ll need more coins for all 4, it does increase your chances of getting a bonus round.

Bonuses include the ‘Change the Dress’ feature, free-spins based on shoes and the group bonuses such as the big night out. There is an entertaining tumbling reels bonus, where certain symbols disappear, meaning the reels move downwards, which creates more wins – which then disappear, and so on… This can result in some major windfalls. The bonus you are really looking out for is ‘Mr. Big’s Jackpot’.

#3 – Wheel of Fortune Multiplayer Slot

This is a game which has gone through a lot of development over the years. This aims to reproduce the feeling of being in the game show, complete with applause and the ‘WHEEL-OF-FORTUNE’ shouts. These can be fun when the wheels are spinning and bringing you big wins, though I will admit finding this annoying part way through my session.

With the latest multi-player video slot, you need to get 3 big wheels in the center of your 3 slots grids to trigger the main feature. This gets played on the big shared screen, and if someone else is playing, then you’ll wait in a queue. The main attraction with this game is that those wheels can bring you serious money, including a huge jackpot win.

#4 – The Avatar Multi-Player Slot

This one blew me away, an amazing immersive experience with bonus rounds that use graphics from the film to draw you right into the action. There is plenty going on with your own screen, including a number of smaller bonuses (including games where multiple symbols turn into wilds, which really starts to rack up the wins).

It is when you get to the big screen that things go crazy. You get to choose your bonus round, which is a nice touch. These range from immersive flying battles in the forests of Pandora, through simple bow and arrow type games and to multiple free spins with different additions like wilds and sticky symbols.

I’m missing this one already, and will definitely play again on my next trip to Vegas.

#5 – American Idol Multi-Player Slot

This one is based on the hugely popular TV talent show and involves multiple bonus rounds. You choose judges, and get payouts based on how they rate the contestants. The judges also feature heavily on the reels, alongside things like lighting rigs and microphones. When there is a group bonus you will all be assigned different judges, and the payouts will be based on your spins. You’ll win big money with the multiple round games.

Fans of the show will love the feeling of being part of the action. I am not too sure how long non-fans will be able to stand the clips of Simon Cowell for though!

It is great to see slots entering a new era of development. Other ways in which things are changing is to have slots like Lord of the Rings, where you can save your progress through the bonus rounds. Of course, the traditional slots will always have their place too.

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