Pickem Poker

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Pick'em Poker is an Entertaining Video Poker Variation from PlayTech

Pick’em is a slightly different take on the traditional games of video poker you’ll find online such as Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild. This game sees bigger odds than you’ll find at many other variations of the game due to the fact that it’s a little trickier to hit a big hand.

In this review, I start by explaining exactly how Pick’em poker works.  I move on to  look at the many options available when playing Pick’em poker and the advantages and disadvantages of playing this version of the game. I finish with a recommendation of an award-winning casino where you can enjoy this game.

Pick’em Poker – The Rules

Pick'em Poker Overview

As you can see from the screenshot, you can originally see 4 cards. The two cards to the left are your cards to keep (unlike other video pokers, you’ll not be able to discard either card). You’ll then choose one of the two ‘stacks’ on the right hand side. The card that is face-up will automatically be in your hand, alongside another two randomly chosen cards from your stack.

In the top left hand corner of the screen there is a drop down menu where you’ll be able to choose the number of hands you’ll play. The choices are 1, 4, 10, 25, 50 or 100. Having made this choice your 3 cards (the 2 given to you and the 1 from the stack you have chosen) will appear in all of your hands. These 3 cards will be joined by 2 other cards for each of your chosen number of hands. You’ll then be paid out on the value of each hand based upon the following pay table:

Pickem Poker Payouts

As you can see from the pay table, you receive 6,000 coins for hitting a Royal Flush, which is better than the 4,000 you’d receive if playing another version of video poker. You should always play with 5 coins (the column highlighted in purple) as you’re getting better odds for a Royal Flush - 4 coins paying 4,000 (1000x your bet) and 5 coins paying 6,000 (1,200x your bet).

Unlike other forms of video poker, you’ll also find that a winning hand will always make a profit, your 5 coin bet guaranteeing a return of 10 coins if hitting the pay table – paired hands will normally just return the stake in other games.

Having won on any hand (or hands) you’ll be offered the chance to gamble either the full winning amount or half the winning amount. Having chosen this option you’ll be taken to another screen, where you’ll see 5 cards with one of those cards face up. You’ll then pick one of the four remaining cards, and you’ll win if the value of that card is greater than the face-up card, lose if the value is smaller, and keep the winning amount if the value of the card is the same.

Pick’em Poker – Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage of this game is that you’ll be able to win more when hitting a big hand than at other versions of video poker. All of the hands pay more and it can be a great situation when you are playing a number of hands and you are already guaranteed a ‘win’ from your three starting cards – meaning that every single hand will guarantee you at least that win amount (and more on some occasions). The ability to play a large number of hands at one time will also appeal to many players.

The main disadvantage of the game is that there is very little strategy involved – you are simply picking one card from two and on many occasions it is very obvious which card to pick. Because of this, there is not too much skill involved in this game, which won’t appeal to a large number of video poker fans who enjoy learning the optimal strategies based on the rules and payout tables.

Pick’em Poker at the Betfair Casino

Pick’em Poker is designed by PlayTech and is one of their large range which is available at the Betfair casino. Here you’ll find a large number of video poker varieties alongside this one, as well as a great number of other casino favourites – their slots are particularly impressive. You’ll also enjoy the live dealer experience where you can play blackjack, roulette, casino hold’em and baccarat against a real dealer streamed from a remote studio.

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