Real Time Gaming Casino Poker Variations

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What Casino Poker Games Can You Find At Real Time Gaming Casinos?

Real Time Gaming Casino Poker VariationsPoker is an all-American invention, so it makes sense that you’d be able to find a good range of titles at the biggest US casino software supplier –Real Time Gaming. There are 6 titles to choose from (not counting the long list of Video Poker titles, which I have covered elsewhere on this site). Several of these titles include progressive jackpot side bets, so you’ll be well rewarded for those occasional Royal Flushes!

This page lists the Casino poker titles available at Real Time Gaming casinos, and gives you a flavor of what to expect from each one. I have based specifics on the biggest and best US offshore casino –, which is part of the global Bodog family.

Casino Poker Variations at Real Time Gaming Casinos

#1 – Caribbean Stud Poker

This is one of 3 ‘Caribbean’ games you will find in the RTG software suite. It gets first listing as this is the oldest and most popular casino poker game of its type. This game combines just a single decision point (whether to play a hand or fold) with the potential for some big payouts if you hit a strong poker hand when the dealer qualifies with Ace-King or higher.

The side bet progressive jackpot is optional in this game. You can play for $1, and will scoop the prize with a Royal, take 10% with a straight flush – or get smaller prizes for quads, full houses or flushes.

RTG make solid and very playable table games. For me these are better than their slots and novelty titles. You can check out Caribbean Stud and the other poker games at

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#2 – Caribbean Holdem Poker

While the name might be different, this game is the same as Casino Holdem Poker which you’ll find at many casinos. You start with an ante bet (minimum $1, Maximum $500) and then get dealt 2 cards with 3 community cards shared between you and the dealer. You then make a decision whether to continue with the hand (Raise) by placing a bet of 2x the ante, or whether to fold.

The dealer needs to qualify with 4-4+ in this game (based on a 2 card hand + the community cards). If not then the raise is a push and the ante pays at 1-to-1. If the dealer does qualify then your hands are compared (best 5 card poker hands). If you win then your raise gets paid depending on how strong your poker hand is.

There is a progressive jackpot game which is linked to the other ‘Caribbean’ poker games, with the first 5 cards you see in this game counting.

#3 – Caribbean Draw Poker

The final Caribbean poker game is very similar to Caribbean Stud, only it includes the chance to swap up to 2 of your cards after you raise. You are dealt 5 cards and see a single up card from the dealer in this game, and must decide whether to fold or place a bet of 2x your ante to raise.

If you raise, you swap out 2 cards and  then see the dealer’s hand. If the dealer qualifies with 88 or better your hands are compared. Payouts depend on how strong your poker hand is.

There is an optional side bet in this game, which is linked to the jackpot pool from the other Caribbean themed games. This has a minimum of $1 to enter, and pays prizes for a flush or better, with the jackpot going for a Royal Flush. Only your first 5 cards count towards this.

#4 – Let’em Ride

Let’em Ride OnlineWhat I like about this casino poker variation is that you can stay in the hand even if you choose not to raise. You place an ante (from $1 to $500) and then get 3 cards, with 2 additional cards in front of the dealer face-down. Your aim is to hit 10-10+ for a payout. You can place an additional bet, or just continue and see the first community card. You then get a final chance to bet, at which point the 2nd card is turned up.

If you have less than 10-10, then you lose whatever bets you made. If you beat this, then you can enjoy bigger payouts depending on how strong your poker hand is.

As with the other Real Time Gaming poker games, there is a progressive jackpot side bet too. Find out more with my complete guide to Let It Ride Poker

#5 – Pai Gow Poker

Played with a joker and 7 card hands, this game is not as complex as it looks when you first see it. You’ll need to divide your cards into two separate hands (the high and the low). The 5 card hand needs to be of higher rank than the 2 card hand. Your hands are then compared to the dealer’s hand, with the dealer winning any tie.

Your objective is to win both ‘sides’ of the hand, if you win one and the dealer wins the other, then this hand is considered to be a push.

You can get the computer to sort the hands into the optimal combinations for you – so the strategy is not necessary to get started.

#6 – Tri Card Poker

Three card poker onlineIn live casinos, 3 Card Poker is the single most popular format (taking over from Caribbean Stud). This is a fast playing format, which has two bets going on at the same time. These are the ante bonus, and the ‘Pairs Plus’ (which is really a side-bet, though considered so much of an integral part of the game that most people play it every hand).

You are dealt 3 cards, and decide whether to raise or fold. The dealer needs to qualify with queen-high or better (or the ante is paid at 1-to-1 and the raise returned). If the dealer does qualify, then hands are compared, with payouts bigger for straights and flushes if the player wins. The Pairs+ bet is independent of the hand with the dealer and paid based on the first 3 cards only.

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