As the Reels Turn Slot Review

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Rival Gaming's Flagship 'Super Tacky Theme' Slot is a Lot of Fun!

As the reels turn MattThis Rival Gaming slot has a tacky daytime soap opera theme to it (‘As the World Turns’ ran as a daytime soap from 1956 to 2010), all based in and around the Hotel and Casino El Paradiso and the adventures of the general manager, Matt Gray. The game features a number of bonus rounds, including free spins with multipliers and extra entertaining bonus games – this game certainly features a great sense of humor. 

In this review I delve into all aspects of the ‘As the Reels Turn’ slot. Firstly I examine how the game is set up, and the basics of the game. I move onto look at each of the bonus rounds, including the ‘Tommy Wong’, ‘Ivan the Fish’, ‘Bonus Chips’ and the ‘Advance to Next Scene’ bonus rounds.  I finish with a look at the iSlots series and an overview of the game.

As the Reels Turn – Basics

Behind all the fun generated by the bad acting and the evolving story line, you’ll find a 5-reel slot with 15 pay lines. The biggest symbols in the game are the ‘El Paradiso’ and ‘Casino Chips and Cash’ and hitting five of these will earn you 1,000 coins. ‘The Don’ , ‘Matt G’ and ‘Chrissy’ are the next best and will win you 300 coins if hitting five of these. Other standard symbols in the game include ‘Confidential Letter’, ‘Lobster’ and ‘Wine Glass and Bottle’. Additionally, if hitting three or more of the scatter symbols, you’ll be taken to the bonus round.

As the Reels Turn 1

As the Reels Turn – Bonus Rounds

Tommy Wong – You’ll be taken to this bonus round if hitting three or more Tommy Wong symbols. In this bonus round you’ll see a number of famous silhouettes (be they Michael Jackson, Elvis or Dolly Parton) and you’ll choose one you think the audience will enjoy. Having chosen the ‘star’ you’ll win the amount attached to them.

Ivan the Fish – Hitting three or more of this symbol will give you ten free spins. These free spins have a 3x multiplier attached, so this bonus round can be potentially very profitable.

Bonus Chips – Hitting the ‘bonus chips’ symbol three times will take you into the back room of the casino where you’ll help Matt Gray sort out the counterfeit chips from the real ones.  Every time you click on a real chip, you’ll win that prize, however the bonus round ends when you find a counterfeit chip – so avoid them!

In all of the above bonus rounds you can gain extra if hitting more than three of the bonus symbols. If activating the bonus by hitting four of the bonus symbols, your bet size will double. If hitting five of the symbols, your bet size will become 50x larger than normal – with huge sums being involved.

Advance to Next Scene Bonus Round – This part of the game takes a different approach to the other bonus rounds. You’ll find a map with different scenes from the soap, and as you advance from scene to scene you’ll be able to win bonus dollars or play in extra bonus rounds. An example bonus round is ‘Terry’s Car Bonus’, where you’ll choose from a selection of different colored cars, with an amount in dollars attached to each car.

Rival iSlots

‘As the Reels Turn’ is part of Rival Gaming’s iSlots series, a wide and varied range of games with the intention of giving the slots an interactive storyline. All of these games feature an animated video clip at the start of the game, to give you an introduction to the story. iSlots games can be played on both a PC and a Mac and can be either downloaded or played through a browser. A selection of the iSlots games can also be played on a mobile device; these versions designed using HTML 5, ensuring great compatibility with an iPad or an Android device.

As the Reels Turn – Overview

This is a fun slot and will appeal to many. The game has all the tackiness of a daytime TV soap opera, with a sense of humor that pokes fun at the genre. The best part of the game are the bonus features, this game not just confined to one or two – these features are varied and will once again put a smile on your face. Overall, this is a good, enjoyable slot and it is no surprise that this slot has spawned two sequels.

If you love slots, this game is definitely one to kick off of the bucket list - you may well find yourself coming back for more! You can find this game (along with the full range of Rival Gaming slots) at the excellent Bovada Casino - the biggest, best trusted and (when it comes to promos and bonuses) most generous of the US offshore casinos. Check out for yourself now!

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