Review of the Monte Cristo Slot

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Monte Christo is unlike any Online Slot You Have Played Before!

It is hard to know whether to call this game a slot or not. There are no reels in the traditional sense, the action replaced by a bouncing ball. If you imagine the 1980’s computer game ‘breakout’ then you’ll be thinking along the right lines. Whatever name you give it; there is little doubt that this is an engaging and unique game.

The basis is the Count of Monte Cristo, who spent much of his life in a prison or exiled on an island. You’ll get to play in both settings during the game – and the bouncing ball will uncover prizes, special symbols and bonus rounds as you go.

Monte Cristo Slot Review

Game Play on the Monte Christo Amaya Slot

You play this game by clicking the ‘play’ button as usual – what happens next is a small red ball appears and bounces around the screen. It will knock out sections of wall, which have prize symbols behind. There are a lot of different layouts (these change from time to time). If you ball crashes into a winning symbol, then that is an instant win. It is possible to hit multiple symbols in the same game.

Some of the symbols trigger bonus rounds – one of these is break out game and the others variations on free spins (or in this case, free bounces!).

The best paying symbol is the blue diamond; this is worth 100x your bet amount. These are hard to reach, requiring multiple lucky bounces to get to them. After this a green treasure chest clocks in at 25x your bet, a ring with a green jewel at 5x and a pile of gold coins at 0.5x.

Special Symbols, Bonus Games and Twin Settings

Many of the symbols affect the game without giving a separate prize. The most common of these are the walls, which need you to hit them to disappear (there are soft ones and hard ones). There are also bombs, which will blow up the surrounding symbols including any winning ones if you hit them. Hearts with a + add 3 extra bounces to the life of you ball, and skull and crossbones icons kill your ball (stopping it bouncing and ending that game).

There are 3 bonus icons. First the cracked wall, which triggers 5 free games when it is hit, adding 1 extra free game if you hit it during your free games round. Second a green key symbol, which triggers the break out bonus round. Third is a mask, which gives you one free spin and a special game where the walls do not regenerate. To make this work you need to get lucky and hit a free spins tile on the free game.

The break out bonus game looks great, you’ll be sent to a dungeon and have to choose one of two doors each time. There is not much to the game play, you keep picking, either revealing a chest and prize in multiples of your bet, or a woman – whereby the round ends. At the end of this bonus game you will get the choice of visiting an Island or Citadel (dungeon) setting for the next part of the regular game.

Graphics, Sounds and Win-Lines on the Monte Cristo Slot

Along with the unique game play, this ‘slot’ has excellent graphics. Initially the setting is a dungeon – where the count spent most of his life. There are flaming torches on the walls and a lot of detail, for example armor, shackles and cobwebs. The bonus game keeps the same setting, with the doors set in a dungeon with a hunched in between them. You can choose to go to the more serene island setting after the bonus – where palm trees and the gentle lapping of waves are the order of the day.

Sound effects include flaming torches for the dungeon and those waves for the island scene. There are plenty of bouncing type effects too, with different sounds for the hard and soft walls and different prize symbols. This is topped off with creaks and grinding of stones at appropriate moments.

Since there are no win lines, the setup is very easy. You simply decide how much to bet and then hit the ‘play’ button. The game I played allowed games at 2c and up, though this will vary depending on which casino you use. It is possible to bounce for $500 a go, and to use the configurable auto-spin option too.

I’m recommending this game – and will leave it to you to decide whether this is an online slot, or some other form of gaming. The unique concept takes a little getting used to. Once you get the hang of the game play it is very engaging, and has enough variation (with the layout and tiles) to keep you interested in the games. Adding a break out bonus game as well as free ‘spins’ is a welcome extra.


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