Snack Time Slot Review

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The Snack Time slot at 888 Casino is based around a traditional vending machine, although this is one where the packet of crisps you so desperately want will not get stuck just before they are due to fall. Upon entering the game you’re met by a particularly impressive animation of a man pushing a vending machine into the centre of the screen and the game itself looks exactly like a vending machine.

In this review I start by looking at the basics of this game and how they are different to other slots. I move on to look at the bonus features and detail which devices you’ll be able to enjoy this slot on. 

Snack Time Slot – The Basics

At first sight, you might be forgiven for thinking this is a traditional 5 reel slot, however this game offers a very different experience to what you would find at a standard slot. The big difference here is that you don’t have the traditional win lines and you’ll win by hitting combinations of the symbols.

As you can see from the image, the combinations of symbols have a resemblance to the highly addictive Tetris game of the 1980’s – these combinations can be hit on anywhere on the reels and in any direction. The minimum stake for the slot is £0.25 with stakes going all the way up to £25 per spin – this is a total bet size and not a bet per line (as lines do not feature).

Snack Time Slot Combinations

You’ll receive a highest payout for hitting the cross style combination (the combination on the far right of the image), with the payouts reducing from right to left. The lollipop, the bottled drink and the canned drink are the top symbols in the game, offering 500x, 200x and 200x respectively for hitting the top combination.

Snack Time Progressive Slot 888

Snack Time Slot – Bonus Features

The main feature of this slot is the re-spin. This feature is activated when you hit two or more combinations in one spin. Two combos will give you a single free spin, three combos will give you two free spins and four or more combos will give you four free spins.

You’ll also find a ‘pick me’ symbol which only appears in reels one and five. If the symbol does indeed appear in both of the reels, you’ll be given the option of choosing either one – with a differing prize behind each one.

The game also has two Jackpot prizes. These prizes are randomly awarded, although the higher stake you play, the more chance you have of hitting these Jackpots. Firstly there is the ‘Yummy’ Jackpot which at time of writing stood at £600. The second and much bigger jackpot currently pays out over £10,000.

Snack Time Slot – Device Compatibility

This slot is available to play in your browser using Flash software and is also available in a download version which is available for both a Windows computer and a Mac. This particular slot is also available through mobile apps and can be played on both an Apple and Android devices.

Snack Time Slot – Summary

The fact that this game offers something slightly different to the more traditional slot should be applauded, however the novelty of this isn’t something that lasted too long for me – although some players might prefer it. There is a jingle which goes alongside every spin which I found a little annoying after a while and led me to turning the volume down. The features are once again innovative, however the free spins are lacking in number, so it’s not enough to get the pulses racing. The high points of this slot are the Jackpots on offer – and this might be a reason to play this slot.