Tequila Poker Guide

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Tequila poker is a game designed by PlayTech, the world’s largest supplier of online gaming software. The game is an original one, where the player makes a decision after receiving 4 cards – this decision based upon at which card game he would like the hand to proceed, one of the games being poker, the other a variation on Blackjack.

In this guide I start by explaining the rules of the game. I move on to look at the two separate payout charts in the game. I finish the article with a look at the strategy of Tequila poker followed by an overview of the game.

Tequila Poker PlayTech

Tequila Poker – The Rules

When joining a game of Tequila poker your first decision is the size of the ‘ante’. You’ll be able to play for the stake of your choice as long as it is within the lower and upper table limits – although you should be aware that to proceed to the end of the hand you’ll need to place another bet of the same size.

Having placed your initial ‘ante’ you’ll be dealt four cards. You’ll now be faced with a decision – where you’ll have the following three choices:

Would you like to continue by playing ‘High Tequila’?

Would you like to continue by playing ‘Tequila Poker’?

Would you like to fold your hand?

High Tequila

If choosing the ‘High Tequila’ option you’ll place another bet equal to the size of the ante. You’ll then be dealt your final two cards and you’ll then add together the total amount of the top 5 cards (the lowest card amount will be discarded). In this game, all picture cards will have a value of 10 and Aces have a value of 11. You’ll then compare your ‘total’ to the pay chart – you’ll need a total of 46 or more to hit the pay chart. Tequila Poker

If choosing the ‘Tequila Poker’ option you’ll place another bet equal to the size of the ante. You’ll then be dealt your final two cards, and then make the best poker hand you can using 5 of the 6 cards. You’ll then compare your poker hand to the pay chart. You’ll need at least a pair of Aces to hit the pay chart.


You should fold your hand if you feel that you are unlikely to make the pay chart at either ‘High Tequila’ or ‘Tequila Poker’. In this instance you’ll lose your ‘ante’ but you won’t be required to place another bet.

Tequila Poker Pay Charts

High Tequila Payout Chart

A total of 54 – 200 to 1

A total of 53 – 15 to 1

A total of 52 – 7 to 1

A total of 51 – 4 to 1

A total of 50 – 3 to 1

A total of 49 – 2 to 1

A total between 46 and 48 – 1 to 1

Tequila Poker Payout Chart

Royal Flush – 200 to 1

Straight Flush – 50 to 1

4 of a Kind – 15 to 1

Full House – 8 to 1

Flush – 7 to 1

Straight – 5 to 1

3 of a Kind – 3 to 1

Two Pairs – 2 to 1

Pair of Aces – 1 to 1

Tequila Poker Strategy

Psychology GamblingAs a general strategy you might want to choose the ‘Tequila Poker’ option if you have a hand with a pair or if requiring just one card to make either a flush or a straight.

You might want to play ‘High Tequila’ if the sum of your three highest cards is 38 or more.

You should take care to choose the correct options when Aces are involved. If you were dealt four Aces for example, you’d have an immediate 15 to 1 win if choosing the ‘Tequila Poker’ option. However, you’d also have 44 points at ‘High Tequila’ meaning if you receive a picture card in either of your other two cards, you’ll earn the 54 points for the maximum 200 to 1 payout in the game

You’ll want to fold any hands that do not meet either of the two conditions.

Tequila Poker Overview

Tequila poker is an interesting casino variation. The game is one of skill, as you’ll make one of three decisions at the point of receiving your four cards, and it differs from many other games in the fact that you’ve got two separate routes to go down. I found the game highly playable – OK there are many occasions when the decision is an obvious one, but on the flip side there are exciting moments when your initial four cards are particularly good. The game has the added advantage of being easy to pick up – so new players will quickly get to grip with the nuances of the game. If played perfectly, this game has a house edge of just 2.61%.

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