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Review of the Unique Spin City Casino App from Unibet

Unibet Spin City AppUnibet already run one of the biggest and best online casinos worldwide – with more than 600 different games from all of the big software houses (and many exclusives too). Knowing this I had high expectations of their 2nd app ‘Spin City’. This includes some unique and exclusive games – and also includes its own ‘token’ system in addition to the option to play for real money with your Unibet Casino account.

You’ll find slots, video poker and table games in Spin City – and you’ll benefit from promotions and offers for this app, as well as those from the main Unibet Casino.

First up below you’ll find how to download this app for both Apple and Android devices. After that the different games are covered, including some slot highlights. Tokens and bonus features are covered below that – and last (though not least) info on how you can enjoy an additional deposit bonus for this app, on top of the regular one at the Unibet Casino.

Unibet Spin City App Review – Downloading the App

If you are downloading the App on an Apple device, the simplest way of getting Spin City is to search for it by name at the app store. As you’ll see at the end of this piece, I think a much better way is to enjoy the regular app at Unibet first (including your initial bonus package), and then wait for an incentive to come along for Spin City – you’ll be downloading via links on the Unibet website in this instance.

For Android device users, you’ll download the link from www.unibet.co.uk/apps/spin and once downloaded you’ll have instant access to the app. After launching the app you can register if you’re not already a member of Unibet, while existing members will simply log in using their account details.

Unibet Spin City Casino App Review – Range of Games

When you enter the app you’ll find that the games are divided into three sections – slots, tables / video poker and dice games.

The busiest of the three sections is the slots where you’ll find 12 different games available - some of these games only actually available on the app. Slots such as ‘Goldilocks Bears Gone Wild’ and ‘Dragons Rock’ are highly playable, while a personal favorite has to be ‘Big Bad Wolf’. This is a fun looking game that employs the very popular ‘freefall’ feature, where you can win a number of times at just one spin, as the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones from above. Every time you earn a couple of wins in a row you’ll find that the piggy symbols start to turn wild, making additional wins easier to come by.

Spin City App Big Bad Wolf Slot

In the tables and video poker section you’ll find casino classics such as blackjack and roulette, while Jacks or Better will appeal to fans of classic video poker games. The final game on offer is ‘Pile Poker’, a entertaining game where you’ll be given two cards automatically, and then choose another one (from a choice of two), with the aim of making the best 5 card hand possible from these 3 cards and the two remaining cards which will be dealt to you.

The final section offers you a selection of three dice games, ‘Magical Dice’, ‘Poker Dice’ and ‘Moody Fruits’. ‘Magical Dice’ is a very enjoyable game where you’ll place sets of three dice in columns, aiming to land matching dice and win payouts on a sliding scale, this game has a nice element of strategy.

The list of games on Spin City is growing all the time, make sure you keep an eye on www.unibet.com for the latest offers.

Unibet Spin City App Review – Tokens and Rewards

Every time you play one of the slots at Spin City for real money you’ll find a ‘levelling bar’. As you play you’ll earn experience points and watch your progress along the bar and every time you fill the bar you’ll move to the next level and gain tokens. Alongside this, you’ll also earn trophies at certain games, this is achieved by landing a big win, or collecting a certain amount of wild symbols. These trophies come in 4 levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and collecting enough of these trophies will also see you move up a level, meaning once again you’ll earn tokens.

So what can you do with these tokens? The tokens can be used to instantly trigger the symbols needed to activate the free spins bonus rounds, the number of tokens required to enter these features based upon your bet level (the higher the bet level, the more tokens you’ll need). How you use the tokens is up to you, so if you want to save the tokens for a higher bet level, or if you want to use the tokens immediately, the choice is yours.

Unibet Spin City App - Tokens

Unibet Spin City App – Deposit Bonus

This app takes a slightly approach to an initial deposit bonus. Instead of gaining additional bonus funds, here you’ll earn tokens. You’ll receive 1 token for every £/€10/100kr you deposit, up to a maximum of 10 tokens. This deposit bonus has a real appeal, giving you direct entry to those exciting bonus features. Other exclusive Spin City promotions are coming soon too – again keep an eye on the main Unibet Website at www.unibet.com to make sure you don’t miss out!

Unibet Spin City App – Overall Verdict

In a crowded online casino industry where many of the sites and the apps seem to offer almost exactly the same set of games, bonuses and promotions, the Spin City app is a refreshing change.

This is a great compliment to the other apps from Unibet. These include their main casino app, live dealer casino app, poker app and 2 different sports betting ones.

With a range of unique games available, you’re sure to enjoy the fresh appeal of this app. However, it’s the reward program that is the most exciting aspect. Earning experience points to unlock bonus features is an original idea indeed and gives this casino app more of a gaming feel that you might find at games such as Candy Crush, where moving from level to level is all-important. The fact that you can use the tokens the way you want to adds some nice strategy to your casino gaming – do you use them now to give your bankroll an immediate boost, or do you save them up and go for the big win?? The choice is yours!

Check out www.unibet.com for more!

Unibet Spin City App

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