iPad Gambling Guide

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The Complete iPad Gambling Guide

iPads could have been made for gambling fans. You can bet on sports while watching them on TV (or even live), have a sneaky game of poker while watching a bad movie with your wife (or husband!) or even enjoy a few quick spins on your favorite slot when out and about.

The difference here at High Tech Gambling, is that here I test the games on all the devices. My guide for iPad gambling is not like the other websites around which say ‘everything is great – 100%!!!’ with no solid information at all.

Here you’ll get the low down on the best and the worst iPad gambling sites around.

There are 3 parts to the information in this guide, along with links to more detailed articles and reviews depending on which parts you are most interested in. First you’ll find an overview of the 3 main gambling verticals on iPads (sports, casino and poker). After that some notes about the current US situation and options for US players. Finally you’ll find some practical information, including whether you should download an app or play in your browser and some security basics too.

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Ipad Gambling Guide Contents

  • 3 Main iPad Gambling Verticals
  • US Laws And Gambling Sites
  • Practical Information
  • Links To Reviews And Tests

iPad Gambling Guide – The 3 Main Gambling Verticals

#1 Sports Betting:

Sports betting is evolving at a rapid rate, bets today like in-play and exchange betting were just not available 10 years ago – and the pace on innovation increases every year.

Key to successful sports betting is value, and this means not getting stuck at a single sports book. Nowadays, if you are not shopping for the best lines, you are literally giving money away. iPads work great for this, you can have your spreadsheets, apps and even watch the games – at the same time as using your browser to shop around for the best odds.

With an ever improving range of sports and bet types the outlook for smart bettors has never been better. US readers can check out my guide to US iPad Sportsbooks here, and worldwide readers can check out the major bookmaking brands in this iPad Bookmakers Guide.

#2 Casino Gambling:

Casinos are now a bona-fide entertainment industry all of their own. If you are imagining the jerky, crash prone games of 5 years ago, then you are in for a major surprise. 3d Graphics, cool animated feature rounds and variations on the traditional games which include potentially life-changing progressive jackpots and all normal nowadays.

Slots are the area which has seen the greatest changes, to say that the newest iPad slots titles are amazing would be an understatement. There are now tie-ins with big movies, TV shows and even sports teams. US players can enjoy random jackpots at slots casinos offering Real Time Gaming titles, while worldwide players have a choice of several huge slot software brands.

#3 Online Poker:

Another area which continues to innovate, mostly in terms of the games getting faster and faster! You can play Rush, Zoom or Zone (US) poker online – which cut out the waiting time between hands. This makes the games great for iPad use, where the multi-table play is more difficult.

If you are new to online poker then I recommend you choose your games carefully. There are small armies of online pros who spend their days searching for the new players. What you want is a site which is more focused on recreational players (888 Poker for non-US players have a great iPad App, and Bovada have a cool in-Browser game for US players). Once you get to know the games you can take on the small stakes nits and win money from their ‘robotic’ strategy.

Check out my iPad Online Poker guide for more on this diverse and popular gambling vertical.

iPad Gambling Guide – US iPad Gamblers Still Have Great Options

There is nothing illegal in using your iPad to gamble under Federal law. However, the financial transactions between US banks and gambling site operators are in a legal grey area. This means that the main option for US residents is to use offshore gambling sites, who still welcome players from most States.

The single biggest offshore gambling site is Bovada, who are part of the Bodog group of companies. This site offer sports betting, casino and poker games via iPads, through their browser-based software. They have a long track record of looking after US players, and deserve their strong reputation for great service. You can check out my review here, or see for yourself at www.bovada.lv

Apps are hard to come by at US friendly gambling sites, with social casino apps being the only real option (this is not real money gambling, more entertainment + in-app chip purchases). What you’ll need to look for instead is operators who have the new generation of HTML5 games available. You can find them listed in the main areas of High Tech Gambling covering Sports Books, Online Casinos and Online Poker.

Worldwide players do not have these restrictions, if you live in a free country then you can access apps from some of the biggest and best software providers around. You can also enjoy the innovations in sports betting from the likes of Betfair.

iPad Gambling Guide – Some Practical Considerations

At the moment the best experience for iPad gamblers is via an app. These are far more likely to have been created with touch-screen devices in mind, and not adapted afterwards like many browser games have been.
I would like to point out that browser games are catching up fast, I’m happy to go on record here and say that by 2016 you will find it hard to distinguish the difference. Browser games also have the benefit of allowing you to jump around and try out many different casinos, whereas if you download an app you have to go through the whole rigmarole to try games at a new site.

One thing that many iPad users find out the first time they download an online casino is that you do not get the games first time around! When you download a casino app onto your iPad, you get the games engine, graphics, lobby and sometimes the cashier. You then download the games separately as you play them (and when they update). This makes great sense when you consider that most casinos have 200+ games these days, why download them all, when most players try out 20 tops.

Safety And Security Of iPad Casinos

There is no such thing as zero risk nowadays, however there are several practical things you can do to ensure that you maximize your entertainment – while minimizing your risks.

First of all, iPads do go missing, and you would not want to add insult to injury by finding your gambling accounts emptied too. You should always password protect your accounts and make sure you log off of any e-mail accounts associated with them too.

Making sure you are with a trusted gambling site is next on my list. There are several criteria here including how long your site have been in operation (5+ years usually weeds out the fly-by-nights), and whether they have a trusted track record in great service, easy deposit options and fast payouts. I personally check the records of every site featured here at High Tech Gambling, and urge readers to check out the different sites for yourself too.

Finally, the bonuses at different sites are worth a closer look. Just about all sites will have a headline bonus for iPad users. These are usually a 100% match, and sometimes include extras like free spins or free bets on top.

I recommend that you check out the terms of the bonus before you jump in. Some of them require that you play through so many times (and give you a short time to do it), that it can be almost impossible to get the bonus at all. Again, I do check this before adding any operator to High Tech Gambling – though you should always DYOR too!

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