iPhone Gambling Guide

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The Complete iPhone Gambling Guide

iPhone users have the best options when it comes to gambling. Owners of iPhones are more likely to be tech-savvy, smarter and also wealthier – especially when compared to the hordes of people with low-end Android devices.

This page takes you through the iPhone gambling options. You’ll find an overview of the different gambling types – and many to more detailed pages covering specific areas including sports betting, casino and poker games. You’ll also find the app v browser debate covered, and some hints on safety and security too.

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Guide Contents

  • Intro To Types Of iPhone Gambling
  • US and Worldwide Options
  • App v Browser Debate
  • Safety And Security

iPhone Gambling Guide – The 3 Main Verticals


iPhones have unleashed a wave of development in sports betting which would have been unheard of 7 years ago. You can bet in-play, at exchanges where you take either side of the action, hunt for the best lines and compliment your main bets with entertaining teasers.

The most important attribute of the latest generation of iPhone sports betting applications can be summed up as ‘Visibility’. Savvy gambling fans can now see who has the best lines, who pays on time and who offers the best bonuses, incentives and comps.

Of course, the sports betting industry largely relies on the ‘mug punters’ who do none of these things for its profits. The fact you are at High Tech Gambling shows that you are already way ahead of the pack.


You’ll be amazed how much progress online casinos have made over the last few years. It is almost as if this area went from workable renditions of casino games, to a mini-entertainment industry all of its own – and the smartphone revolution kicked off by Apple has been the main driver of this.

Slots is the area which has seen the greatest innovation, in addition to benefiting from more powerful devices and bandwidth improvements. I recommend iPhone owners check out the latest slot games which include 3d effect graphics, amazing animate feature rounds and of course – huge jackpots!


Worldwide players have a growing choice of multi-player poker apps – many of which include the new generation of fast-fold poker games. From the US options are a more limited, though there are some cool offshore sites which have in-browser iPhone games.

Poker is a vibrant game online, and new players are often surprised by the variety of poker variations – and the huge prize pools in the tournaments ($1 million+ in a single game is common). One thing I will say is that you should not jump in without understanding a little of the strategy first. Online poker has a ‘grinders’ issue, where hordes of small stakes pros wait for good hands to exploit the errors of new players. If you start at the lower buy-ins and get to know the games before you move up, you’ll soon find how to avoid these ‘nits’ and you can have some profitable entertainment.

iPhone Gambling Guide – US And Worldwide Options

US Players still face restrictions on the gambling sites available – though there are some fantastic choices available! What this does mean is that the options available on you iPhone are based on HTML5 software (in-browser) and not fully downloadable apps. You can read more about the US Legal Situation On Gambling in this linked article.

Offshore casino sites offer games from two cool software providers, Real-Time Gaming and Betsoft. These are covered in more detail in my US Mobile Casinos guide.

US Sports bettors have some great options, including Bovada, who are part of the worldwide Bodog group. Other sports betting operators welcoming US players include BetOnline and Sportsbook.com

Poker is a little more limited when it comes to phones, Carbon Poker have a dedicated mobile version, which offers low stakes real money games via your iPhone’s Safari browser. Bovada also have a mobile poker game.

Worldwide Players

If you are outside the US then you have a ton of fantastic iPhone gaming options which include apps as well as HTML5 games.

What is more the number of software providers to choose from is huge. This includes industry giants like PlayTech, Micro-Gaming and Aristocrat. There are restrictions in some countries, for example Spain and Italy ring-fence their gambling sites.

Casino fans should check out the amazing Mr Green Casino, you’ll find cutting edge slots including Mega Moolah and the Dark Knight as well as many of the best casino table games around. What I really like here is that you will never need to make a single spin (or deal of a card) without enjoying comps, bonuses and other extras – check them out at www.mrgreen.com.

Sports betting is ultra-competitive outside of the US, and if you are smart about it, you can improve your profits considerably. You can find more on the different options in my iPhone Sports Betting Guide, at the moment an easy top pick for Worldwide players is Unibet (great odds, great bonuses and great service!).

Poker fans can find iPhone apps, which are all-round better than poker using a browser. PokerStars are the biggest and best site, and their app is outstanding, you can read my detailed review of this app here. If you are new to online poker, I recommend a different site instead. You’ll find a lot more novice and recreational players at 888 Poker. This trusted brand also give you up to $88 free to try out their games ($8 right away and up to 10 more $8 as you collect points by playing real money games). No deposit or credit card is needed for this – you can check out their cool app over at www.888poker.com.

iPhone Gambling Guide – App, Or Browser?

When it comes to gambling, there are pros and cons of playing through your browser or downloading the apps. This debate is for worldwide readers, as the app downloads are not available for US players at the moment (though hopefully that will change soon).

You Don’t Get The Games

When you download a casino app, you will not get any games. This often surprise first time players, though it makes sense once you understand the huge number of games available. The typical iPhone casino will have more than 100 slots and up to 50+ table games. Most players will enjoy somewhere between 10 and 20 of these, leaving a lot of games tried.

So, rather than downloading more than 100 games you will never play, casinos give you the main software, lobby and cashier – and then allow you to download the games on-demand.

Browser Games Are Catching Up

Flash will not run on your iPhone without a special app or Chrome browser + Flash emulator plug in. You do not really need this, as the newer HTML5 games are better. These are compatible with Safari and other major browsers. I would say that they are already equal to apps, though some casinos have done a better job of miniaturizing their games than others.

What browser games give you is flexibility.

You can jump between casinos without having to download, register and then fetch your choice of game. In fact this is the number 1 reason I check games in-browser first whenever they are available.

Apps are still the best choice for iPhone optimized games, though I’m happy to go on record to say that I believe the browser games will be equal to them within 2 years!

iPhone Gambling Guide – Play Safe

This topic is already covered in depth here at High Tech Gambling, so this is more of a reminder of the key points.

First, you should always password protect your apps and online gambling accounts. A ton of iPhones go missing or get stolen each year. You could end up with an empty gambling account as well as having to go through the hassle of replacing that phone.

Next is to make sure you are dealing with a reputable operator. You’ll find every casino, sports book and poker site here already passes my basic criteria. These are at least 5 years of service, no known scandals, major issues or payment delays and no issues with non-responsive customer services.

Finally, you need to be aware that many of the big headline bonuses and not as good as they seem. Some casinos make it so hard to meet the play-through or points collection criteria for their sites that you’ll end up frustrated. See my article on how to tell the best casino bonuses from the duds for more on this. Again, featured operators here at High Tech Gambling have been pre-vetted on this.

Here is my top recommendation for an all-round gambling site which is perfect for iPhone users, check them out now!

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