Mac Gambling Guide

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The Ultimate Gambling Guide For Mac Computer, MacBook or PowerBook Users

Gambling online is now a fully-fledged entertainment industry of its own. Betting, casinos and poker have evolved so far from their earliest days – that players from 10 years ago would be blown away. Mac computer and laptop users used to need to search for sites which supported their machines back then. Now things have turned around. The operators know that Mac users are better educated, more tech-savvy and often wealthier than generic PC users, and many have started putting them at the forefront of their marketing efforts.

This page gives you an overview of the main options, and how to get the best games and best value in the 3 major gambling verticals. I’ll mention iPads and iPhones, however these devices are popular enough to get their own guides (here are the links for iPhone Gambling and iPad Gambling). In addition to an overview, I have covered the US legal situation, the download v browser debate - and some practical information on security and rewards too.

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  • Mac Gambling Guide Contents
  • Overview Of Gambling Verticals
  • US Mac Users Info
  • Practical Information + Links

Mac Gambling Guide – The 3 Main Gambling Verticals

Innovations in online casinos (especially slots), sports betting and online poker games have really sent gambling options for Mac users to a new level – here is an overview with links to more information on specific verticals.

Online Casinos

This is where the major changes have taken place. Table games are smoother and look more realistic than ever – though it is the slots games which have really gotten amazing.

Forget the 3-reel games which tried to emulate the old school Vegas slots from the 1940’s… things have reached new levels with mobile games, 3d effect graphics and bonus rounds which are like min-adventure games all of their own. Big tie ins with movies, and fun (sometimes crazy) themes have really bought this genre to life. If you have not played online slots in a while then, well, you need to check them out – and soon!

One thing I like about slots games is that once you find a couple of games you like, you can enjoy them at home on your Mac and on the move on your iPhone too. I recommend you check out how big the linked progressive jackpots have become too, some of truly mind-boggling.

Sports Betting

Another area which has not stood still. Here most of the action is via your browser. What has changed is the interactive components and the range of betting options available. You can now bet in play (MacBooks are good enough to steam the events and bet at the same time nowadays), you can take the side of the bookmaker at the various exchanges and you can compare odds across different sports books at the click of a button to find the best value.

The number of sporting events (both US and worldwide) which can be bet on have exploded recently too. My Mac Sports Betting Guide gives you the different options for your location (and some cool deals too).

Online Poker Games

Poker was one of those areas where only a small selection of sites used to cater for Mac Users. Over the last 5 years they have just about all woken up to the fact that there are a lot of Mac fans around, and most have provided downloadable software clients.

These games have also innovated, though not as much as casino or sports betting has. The main theme is that the games have been getting faster and faster. Turbo, Super-Turbo, Hyper-Turbo and Zoom / Rush are the new buzzwords. You’ll need to start at lower buy-ins than you are used to live, as there are a lot of multi-tabling sharks in the games. This should not stop you enjoying the games though – I recommend the Mac download at for worldwide players, and the cool US-friendly in-browser games at Bovada (part of Bodog) if you are located in the US.

There are plenty more areas of gambling for Mac users covered here at High Tech Gambling including Bingo / Keno games, Fantasy Sports and Skill Games too.

Mac Gambling Guide – US Mac User Information

US Mac users do face restrictions on the gambling sites available. This is frustrating, especially since there are no federal laws making playing these games illegal. What was outlawed (back in 2006) was certain financial transactions between banks and gambling sites. You’ll need to be a little creative in depositing and withdrawing from poker sites nowadays, however 100,000’s of Americans regularly assert their right to gamble with their own money at offshore sites every month.

Sites based offshore offer a range of gambling options, though some casino software and the larger poker sites are no longer available.

Here are the major sites offering all 3 gambling verticals and Mac support (either through download or HTML5 browser games)at the moment:

#1 - Bovada (+ info / Link)

#2 – BetOnline

#3 – Merge Gaming

Mac Gambling Guide – Worldwide Users Recommendations

If you are outside of the US then you are in a great position to enjoy the full range of Mac gambling opportunities. The problem becomes one of finding the best for your needs from the 100’s of different options. I have covered the individual verticals separately in my Sports Betting, Poker and Casino areas of the site. If you are looking for the very best site offering a little bit of everything, then here are my top picks for Mac Users.

#1 – PlayTech 1

#2 – MicroGaming 1

Mac Gambling Guide – Practical Considerations

I have three practical things to cover here. First the browser play v full Mac download debate (or at least a summary of it). Second, keeping your account(s) secure and third making sure that your bonuses and special deals can actually be realized –you’d be surprised how many can not.

Browser Games

Flash games (which in-browser games all used to use) no longer work in Macs. You can find work-around solutions with 3rd party software, though this is not ideal. Instead you’ll play HTML5 games, which is the latest technology and does a fantastic job.

For me browser games are catching up fast with the full software download versions, though are not quite there yet.

Still, there are plenty of reasons to check these out. You might not want to download software onto a shared family computer or your work laptop. You might want to try out a few different casinos quickly without going through the hassle of downloading your computer. You might also be concerned about the security of full downloads.

I’d still recommend the downloadable versions, they are that little bit smoother (less info going via the network) and better for multi-tabling. This is no longer the ‘no-brainer’ it was a few years back through.

Keeping You Accounts Secure

You’ll find a detailed guide covering online gambling security via this article. Here is a summary of the main considerations.

First, Macs are desirable items for thieves, especially the high-end PowerBooks. This makes it extra important that you do not leave either your gambling accounts or e-mails (password resets) unprotected. Make sure the default is logged-out, or you might find you gambling bankroll gone in addition to your laptop.

I also recommend that regular gamblers who are outside of the US take the time to register for an electronic wallet system. Examples include Neteller, Skrill or PayPal. You can keep your balance there and only keep the part you need at any individual gambling site. This has the extra advantage of allowing you to shift the money fast to take advantage of deals and offers at the different casinos.

Make Sure Your Bonus Is Real!

There are many casinos competing for your custom, and all of them have big flashing headline bonus offers to try and entice you to play.

This is a case of ‘player beware’.

Some casinos (or poker / betting sites) have such tough criteria, that it is almost impossible to benefit from the bonus at all.

You need to look at the play-through requirements, and compare them carefully. Combine this with how long you have to clear your bonus. If the play-though is high, and you only get 30 days to claim your cash, then you might well have found a bad offer.

I have already done the hard work for you on this, and only feature gambling sites with fair bonuses and no toxic terms and conditions. You can check out the best of them in my online gambling bonuses section.