888 Release FlopOMania

It is not often that a brand-new poker format comes around. With the release of FlopOMania by 888, this has just happened.

The idea of this game is simple… that if everyone gets to see the flop, there will be more action after it. To make this happen, 888 needed to dispense with the old system of blinds, and bring in an ‘ante’ instead.

There is still a button in play, with the player in what would have been the small blind position first to act once the flop appears. These antes are large. For example, in a $5 buy-in game, they are 10c. This puts 60c in the middle after every flop, and all 6 players (assuming the table is full) get to see it. All sorts of strange hands can nail the flop, and with 6 players seeing it – you can be sure that someone has connected.

New Poker Game at 888 FlopoMania

Two Types of Flop-o-Mania

This new poker format at 888 Poker comes in two distinct flavours.

One sees only two options after the flop. You can push all-in (capped at 20bbs at the stake you are playing) or check. If someone has already bet, you can call or fold, that is it!

The other format is closer to a regular poker game, with no-limit betting after everyone has seen the flop.

888 Give Away

Besides the fact that this is a brand-new game and full of recreational players checking out the tables. There are plenty of reasons to play. First, a promo is going on where you play 50 hands and get a scratch card which gives tokens and cash prizes.

If that was not enough, then there are still plenty of no-deposit offers for new players at 888 Poker. The exact amount and terms does depend on where you live. This is up to $88 in tournament tokens and cash game buy-ins for some geos. Check out the latest deal for where you live now at www.888poker.com!

There is More Than Just FlopoMania at 888 – Other Great Reasons to Play

In terms of size, 888 are 2nd behind the giant PokerStars. For me, they are the number #1 destination for recreational players. The percentage of amateurs compared to ‘small stakes pros’ that you find at other sites is noticeable – in a good way.

Here are some highlights:

Blast Poker: This is the lottery Sit N Go format at 888. The games play 4 handed, with jackpot prize pools of up to 10,000x your buy-in. They are super turbo, short stacked and timed! The quickest ones are just 2 minutes long. These are very entertaining games, and can be profitable if you know some basic strategy.

SNAP Poker: This is the fast-fold format at 888, very fishy and short stacked only at the lowest buy-in levels.

Tournaments: The variety gets better and better, though what I like about these games is that the field sizes hit a sweet spot… they are not to big that you’ll need to stay up until 4am each time you play, and not too small as to make the prize pools tiny. Flagship poker tournaments are named after different fish. You’ll find small stakes games like the ‘Goldfish’ through to big buy-ins like the ‘Whale’.

Finally, 888 have the best online poker events for recreational players. These are known as the ‘Super XL Series’ and variations of that… they include a lot of satellite qualifiers, which means that you can get involved in the big money games, even if you are a smaller stakes player.

Find out when the next ‘Series’ starts, and claim your no-deposit needed bonus at www.888poker.com now!

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