Best Superbowl 2015 Lines

NFL BettingThe build up to this year’s Super Bowl has been dominated by Deflate-gate, where 11 of the 12 balls used by the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game were found to be under inflated, 2 pounds under the required range. However there is a game going ahead on Sunday, a game where the New England Patriots are seen to have the edge over defending Super Bowl Champions the Seattle Seahawks. This edge is a small one, with the majority of sportsbooks having the Patriots ahead of the Seahawks by just one or two points, making this one of the hardest to call games ever. 

However, when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, there is much more than just the action on the field, as sportsbooks always come up with some of the best prop bets of the year in the lead up to the game. Thursday saw Bovada release their much awaited list of prop bets and here I detail a mix of some of the serious and not so serious bets offered by Bovada for the upcoming game.

Point Spread

New England Patriots -2 (-105)

Seattle Seahawks +2 (-115)


Over 48.5 points (-105)

Under 48.5 points (-115)

Who will win the Coin Toss?

New England Patriots (-105)

Seattle Seahawks (-105)

Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

Tom Brady (Patriots) 7/4

Russell Wilson (Seahawks) 7/2

Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) 9/2

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) 9/1

12/1 bar

How long will it take Idina Menzel to sing the National Anthem?

Over 2 minutes 1 second (-130)

Under 2 minutes 1 second (-110)

Will Idina Menzel omit or forget at least 1 word of the official US National Anthem?

Yes (+500)

No (-800)

What colour will Bill Belichick’s Hoodie be?

Grey (-200)

Blue (+175)

Red (+700)

What will Katy Perry be wearing when she begins the half time show?

Pants (below knee) (+250)

Shorts (above knee) (+200)

Skirt/dress (-150)

What colour will Katy Perry’s hair be when she begins the half time show?

Black/Brown (+200)

Purple (+300)

Blue/Green (+350)

Pink/Red (+350)

Blonde (+500)

How many times will be ‘deflated’ or ‘deflate’ be said during the game? (not during halftime)

Over 3 (-130)

Under 3 (-110)

What will be higher?

Russell Wilson Passing Yards -15/5 (-130)

US National average gas price (in cents) on February 2nd +15.5 (EVEN)

Who will the Super Bowl MVP Mention first in his interview?

Team-mates 3/2

God 3/1

Fans/City 15/2

Coach 12/1

Family 12/1

Owner 12/1

Doesn’t mention any of the above 5/2

What colour will the Gatorade (or other liquid) dumped over the head of the winning head coach be?

Orange 3/2

Yellow 5/2

Clear 3/1

Blue 15/2

Red 15/2

Green 10/1

Best Super Bowl Lines - Summary

As you can see, there are a bunch of weird and wonderful markets on offer for this year’s Super Bowl – and I’ve only listed a small selection of the many markets you’ll find for this year’s game. Personally, I’m going for the Seattle Seahawks, Katy Perry purple hair and Orange Gatorade treble – and knowing my luck, I’ll be let down by the Gatorade on the last leg!

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