Carbon Poker Release iPhone Compatible Poker Client

First Mobile App Is Launched Which Can Be Used Across the US

Carbon poker mobileCarbon Poker, the biggest skin on the Merge Network, have become the first offshore US facing poker room to launch a mobile version compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads. Eager to see what one of the most innovative US friendly sites has to offer mobile players, I grabbed a quiet spot to check it out in my lunch-break.

Carbon Poker Release iPhone Compatible Poker Client – Getting Started

Rather than via an app in the Apple store, the games are playable through the inbuilt safari browser. All you need to do is go to the Carbon Poker website at and they can detect you are on a mobile device. If you want a quicker way of getting to it by keeping an icon on your Apple device’s screen, just click the square box with the arrow through it at bottom of your browser, then choose ‘Add To Homepage’.

The site will show you all the current promotions as well as giving you an option to access the full website if you wish. To play you just need to go straight to the log-in button and enter your Carbon Poker username and password. Unfortunately the app does not allow new players to register, this has to be done through the download client before you can carry on.

Carbon Poker Release iPhone Compatible Poker Client – Viewing The Lobby

Once you have logged in you will be taken to a simple lobby where you can quickly choose your game. Presently there are only cash games available, although there are promises of future upgrades to include tournaments. You will also find the only games to choose from are No-Limit Holdem and Fixed Limit Holdem. While this may be frustrating to those who enjoy the large mix of games Carbon provide, it tends to be the way most mobile apps currently are.

The lobby itself is very clear and easy to navigate. Just choose between Limit or No-limit then you will see the range of stakes on offer. When you choose your buy-in you will be seated straight at a table. While this may seem unnatural if you are used to table and seat selecting, it actually makes good sense for a mobile app – it allows recreational players, who do not care about such things to get in the action straight away, while grinders are using desktop clients anyway.

Carbon Poker Release iPhone Compatible Poker Client – The Gameplay

When you start playing you will see the graphics are very crisp and the client itself is very smooth and user friendly. The action buttons are a good size, making them easy to use while not dominating the screen. All bet and stack sizes at the table is clear to see, and the screen size adapts well whether you are using an iPhone or iPad.

If you want to be sociable at the table you can join in with the chat at the bottom left of the screen and a clearly displayed timer on the right reminds you if you are taking too long to act.  There are even options to show the comical emote cartoons Carbon’s desktop client is famous for.

Carbon Poker Release iPhone Compatible Poker Client – In Summary

The fact the vaste majority of US players now have the choice to play on a mobile client is fanstatic news and long overdue. The fact there is no app as such is no big deal and the site is easy to access and bookmark. It is a bit unfortunate that there is no registration option for new players and that tournaments are not included, although it is very positive that Carbon acknowledge future updates are needed.