PokerStars 9th Anniversary Sunday Million

Bankroll Management for Sports BettorsThe Sunday Million is the biggest weekly guaranteed prize pool online poker tournament. If you love online poker, then it is almost a rite of passage to play in this game at PokerStars. Some people even maintain that you need to have cashed in this tournament at least once before you can even call yourself a proper poker player!

March 15th sees the 9th anniversary of the Sunday Million, a quick back of an envelope calculation shows that there will have been more than 3200 of them by the time we reach this milestone. Normally the prize pool is guaranteed at $1,000,000. For the special edition, the winner alone will get $1 million (this is guaranteed), with the overall prize pool at $9 million.

Yes, you read that right – an online poker tournament with a $9 million guaranteed prize pool.

It gets better.

The entry fee remains the same $215 as normal, and you will have 1000’s of opportunities to win your seat in satellite qualifiers. The weekend of the 14th / 15th will be totally crazy for these, with 1000’s of amateur players trying to get their seat. You can buy-in for just $2 to many sub-qualifiers, and there will be games with guaranteed numbers of seats too.

One alternative that you  might want to check out is the ‘Steps’ Sit n Goes. These are 1 table tournaments, where the prize is a seat in the next level up (step up). The advantage of these is that you can use your ‘Step 4’ ticket to enter the Sunday Million. There are a lot of ‘try again’ prizes on the way up too, so you do not need to win 3 games in a row outright to get there.

Standard of Play

PokerStars red spade logoOne thing you can be sure of, this big tournament will attract 1000’s of amateur players who are taking a shot. It is not reserved for the pros or ‘grinders’ by any means. If you would like to get involved, and are worried that you will be outplayed, my advice is simple – don’t worry. The standard will be much closer to a $20 tournament than a $200 one!

How to Get 3 Bonuses at PokerStars

If you do not have a PokerStars account, here is a way of claiming up to 3 welcome bonuses (within 90 days of signing up).

First, register your account, you can use affiliate Marketing Code PSP3108 for this.

Second,  deposit with bonus code STARS600 – this gets you a 100% matched bonus on your first 3 deposits up to $600 in total.

Check out and get involved in the biggest Sunday Million yet on March 25th.