PokerStars to Introduce Sports Betting

global sports bettingPokerStars is the biggest operator in the world of online poker by a considerable margin. They have now announced that both casino games and Sports Betting will be added to their platform. The casino games will go live by the end of this year, and the sports will follow in 2015. This platform is not available for US players, after being shut out following Black Friday. Amends have been made with the Federal authorities, and they are looking to come back in to New Jersey in 2015.

As home to a lot of the more serious online poker buffs, there is going to be some resistance to the introduction of house games in particular. The plan is to start with Roulette and Blackjack. Sister site Full Tilt already has these games in place, along with a wide selection of slot titles and a selection of live dealer games.

This means that PokerStars already have experience and statistics on which to make the decision on whether to introduce this type of game. They have stated that dormant players return and deposits go up. From the perspective of the poker games, having some more ‘recreational gamblers’ at the tables is never a bad thing. Of course, this has to balance with the money going out from the tables in late night drunken Blackjack sessions.

We do not yet know whether the sports betting part of the site will be a partnership with someone already strong in this area, or whether there will be a bespoke platform. The huge player base worldwide would indicate that there will be plenty enough cash floating around to make the markets and betting opportunities interesting.

If this could become an exchange, then we could have an amazing combination in one place of poker, casino and sports!

I’ll bring you news on the specifics as soon as they come in, for the moment you can check out PokerStars amazing poker platform at (use Marketing Code PSP3108 and Bonus Code STARS600, and you’ll get 3 ‘first’ deposit bonuses there!).