Tennis Fixed Matches Scandal

The timing could not have been much worse for the world of tennis, with the BBC and Buzzfeed releasing their report into match-fixing just as the first major of the year gets underway. With 8 people in the draw of the Australian Open apparently named in the report, the tennis authorities are reeling from the blow.

It should not be that much of a surprise. Any sport which is head-to-head is (relatively speaking) easy to fix. Think snooker and boxing and you’ll see what I mean.

With many of the ‘2nd tier’ of tennis stars apparently swayed into fixing matches with bribes of around $50,000 – the big winners were Russian and Sicilian gambling rings.

2016 Australian Open Betting

The added scrutiny should see this year’s Aussie Open very fair! One seed (Venus Williams) has already been knocked out early, though at the time of writing no suspicious betting patterns were noticed!

Tennis PlayerYou’ll find a lot of different bets online at the moment. The most popular involve picking the winners of individual matches, though there are many more options available including:

  • Number of sets

  • First set winner

  • Overall championship winners (male, female etc)

  • Andy Murray Specials

  • Will there be a Tie-Break?

  • Handicap Betting

I’m sure that if you look around the bookmakers you can find many prop bets and other interesting combinations too.

Where to Bet on the Australian Open 2016?

This depends whether you are US based or not.

US Based Tennis Betting: Bovada always come up with the goods when it comes to international sports, and Tennis is no exception. They have a link for this in their sidebar which takes you to the matches in progress and other options. You can bet in-play, on overall winners and you’ll find seriously competitive money lines on all the games. Check out the (US-only) to see this for yourself.

Non-US Tennis Betting: I love the interface at Titan Bet, with the mini-scoreboards next to the in-play matches looking like the ones they use at the stadiums. My recommendation is that you use the 4 tabs above this layout – particularly the ‘other markets’ (which always brings up some interesting choices). Titan Bet has a special promo for the Aussie Open, where you can get €20 in free bets every day (terms, as they always say, do apply!). Check out for the details and comprehensive tennis betting coverage.