Unibet Sign Mika Hakkinen

Formula 1 is one of the biggest sports in terms of TV viewing figures. Swedish betting giant Unibet have tapped some celebrity assistance in a bid to turn some F1 fans into new customers. They have signed 2x Formula 1 world champ Mika Hakkinen to represent their brand.

This is not the first tie-in between a betting site and the world’s biggest motorsport. Back in 2009 none other than David Coulthard was announced as ambassador to Jetbull. The lack of news from this project for many years presumably means that this deal already lapsed.

Unibet Plans with Mika

Content is mentioned in the official release – as well as several social media accounts. Exclusive content, covering F1 races before they take place, will appear on Unibet’s site. This should give you information on the respective chances of the teams ahead of what could be one of the most open championships for years… of course, once you have read the team news, Unibet are hoping that you’ll take advantage of their offers and smart betting interface while you are there…. Check out this promo video to see Mika himself.

What Kind of Formula 1 Betting Markets do Unibet Offer?

You’ll find 97 different markets under the ‘Motor Sports’ in the A to Z list (you’ll need to click the ‘more sports’ button first). The majority of these are for F1, and many of those focus on the opening race of the season – the 2017 Australian Grand Prix.

Betting Markets are divided into qualifiers (drivers and constructors), and the race itself. When you drill into the drivers market you’ll see a split between the 1st place finish and the 1-3 place. Plenty enough to keep you interested!

Looking ahead, you can already place bets on the outcome of Qatar, though until we see the true performance of the teams in qualifying for Australia, this might be a little premature.

What Makes Unibet Different?

I’m a big fan of Unibet for general (mostly footy) betting. This is one of the biggest European gaming companies outside of the UK / Ireland giants. They are based in Sweden. The interface is super smooth to use, no going forward and back or spending time searching for little buttons before kick-off…

Unibet have 2 mobile apps. One is to reach their regular markets – which offer excellent coverage of all the major leagues and sports. The other (BetUP) offers pooled betting on short-term outcomes like when will the next goal be scored. This is an entertaining twist on your regular betting setup.

Bonuses and loyalty rewards come regularly, often via e-mail. Some bookies give a huge upfront bonus, then kind of forget about you. Unibet hit a better balance, making sure that regular punters are looked after.

If this was not enough, you’ll enjoy some poker and casino incentives too. Even if those areas are not your usual target, a casino bonus, free spins and / or a free poker tournament entry can’t be a bad thing.

Unibet welcome players from around the world (though not the USA at the moment). I recommend this site, check them out at www.unibet.com now!

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