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Online Poker - Introduction

The Ultimate Guide To Online Poker Games Available As Downloads, Apps Or In-Browser

Poker games have been enjoyed online for more than a decade, with the recent wave of tablets and smartphones giving this area a new lease of life. Many first time poker players are surprised to discover the diversity of games available – ranging from fun games to very high stakes real money contests and with countless variants and formats.

Texas Holdem remains the king of online poker. This game is easy to learn – you can be enjoying a competitive game within minutes. As you play you will discover a lot of strategy is involved, not only how you play your own hands, but how you adjust to the tendencies of your opponents too. The best players are adept at reading hands and bet in such a way as to get maximum value when ahead and to get out cheap when behind.

Here is a list of the types of poker game available for gambling fans to play!

#1 – Downloadable Poker Clients

This is where the majority of the real money action can be found. Poker sites like Party Poker, 888 Poker and the US-friendly Carbon Poker allow you to download their software. You then have access to a huge range of money games, tournaments and different poker formats. Poker websites offer generous bonuses for new players, and have games starting at micro-stakes so that new players can get used to the format before moving up to the big money games.

#2 – Casino Poker Games

Casino poker is different from the poker sites covered above. These popular games are set up as you against the casino. They include favorites like Caribbean Stud Poker and Tri-Card Poker, with many other variations besides. These games are very easy to play, and will often include jackpot side-bets where you can win many thousands of dollars for hitting big hands like straight flushes or a royal flush. I cover these games over in my High Tech Gambling Casino Games section – with this poker section reserved for multi-player poker games.

#3 – Real Money Poker Apps

With the rise of mobile devices, the number of poker games available for tablets, iPads and smartphones grows every month. This is my specialist area, with more apps personally tested than any other information site. Most of these apps can access the same games as you would reach via the downloadable clients, though you’ll view them through a different interface. You can find the latest news on apps on my blog, and my Poker Apps page gives you all the information you need to get off to a profitable start with mobile poker games.

#4 – Flash / Browser Poker Games

 Poker Games which you can play in-browser include many of the real money poker sites. This category also includes a whole genre of ‘social poker games’ including Facebook apps, Zynga and many more besides – some of these offer real prizes, most are just for play chips and entertainment. I cover the main variations of fun poker games, and also go into detail on how you can use the poker skills you develop in social poker to master the real money poker games!

Poker Games – The Different Varieties Of Online Poker Game Available

I like to explain the huge variety of poker games available by dividing this into three parts. First the game formats, which includes cash games, tournaments, sit n goes, fast-fold poker and heads-up games. Next the poker games themselves, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Stud. Finally the variations and ‘quirks’ which poker sites use to make the games for entertaining.

Poker Game Formats

Cash Games: This is the ‘baseline’ you sit with real money in front of you and your bets and raises are in chips with correspond to this money. You can play online cash game for as little as $1 or with $1000’s!

Tournaments: Here you buy in to the game and get a stack of chips which you bet with. The minimum bets get bigger and bigger as the tournament goes on. Prizes are distributed depending on when you run out of chips, with the last 10% or 15% of players getting paid. The big money is at the Final Table, with the winner getting a huge share.

Sit N Goes: These are small tournaments which start as soon as there are enough players ready to play. The most common format is 1-table, with 3 players getting prizes. Sit n Goes can be anything up to 20 tables and have a strategy all of their own.

Fast Fold Poker: This is a relatively new format. Instead of sitting at a specific table, you join a pool of players divided by buy-in levels. Each hand is played with a random combination of the 100’s of players in the pool. As soon as you fold (which you can do before your turn to act) you are instantly transported to a new hand. This means you can play up to 4 times as many hands in Fast-Fold Poker Games as in standard cash games.

Heads-Up Poker Games: This is simply 1-on-1 poker, it can be played for real money or for tournament chips – sometimes you will find multi-round tournaments of up to 128 players.

Poker Game Varieties

Texas Holdem: This is the most popular poker game by a long way, especially in the ‘No Limit’ betting format. Texas Holdem sees each player dealt 2 cards, which can be combined with 5 ‘community’ cards to make the best 5 card poker hand at showdown.

Pot-Limit Omaha: The second biggest game is similar to Texas Holdem in structure, with a flop, turn and river betting round. Here you are dealt 4 cards instead of 2, though the best poker hand needs to be made from 2 cards from your own hand and 3 cards from the community card board. This game can also be played in ‘Hi-Lo’ format, where the pot is split between the best high hand and best low hand.

7 Card Stud: This traditional poker game does not use shared community cards. Instead each player has their own ‘board’ with three cards hidden (the first 2 and the 7th) and 4 cards visible. Usually played with a fixed limit betting structure you will need to remember the cards which have been folded by other players. There are several varieties of this game including Hi-Lo, Razz (low only) and 5-card variations.

Draw Poker Games: Draw games are ‘closed’, meaning you bet and raise based only on your opponents tendencies and how many cards they discard on each betting round. In addition to the historical 5-card draw game there are many variations including the entertaining 2-7 Triple Draw and Badugi.

Poker Game Variations And Quirks

Knockout Bounties: In tournaments you sometimes find games in which each player has a price on their head – you knock them out and win that prize. This creates a loose and wild game, especially when a player is down to their last few chips.

Double Or Nothing: Found in Sit N Go Tournaments, these games pay half of the field double their buy-in and the other half nothing. These popular games have their own variations, like the Fifty50 games at PokerStars.

Hyper / Super Turbo: For those who enjoy a quick fix there are plenty of super charged poker varieties around. These games start with 100 to 300 chips, with the bets going up every 2 minutes!

Satellite Qualifiers: These poker games give you an opportunity to win entry to big money tournaments which you might not otherwise be able to afford. This can range from online games through to live event prizes – you can potentially turn a $1 satellite entry into a World Series Of Poker entry!

Rebuy Tournaments: Many games allow you to buy more chips if you bust within the first hour, often with an optional ‘add-on’ during the first break.

There are so many variations it would be impossible to list them all on one place. My poker site reviews list the key games found at the different sites – any my blog covers any brand new innovations.

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