888 Update Poker Rewards

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Overview of the New Loyalty Rewards System at 888 Poker

888 Poker New RewardsAt the end of March 2016 888 Poker completely revamped their rewards system, bringing in the new ‘888 Poker Club’. The new scheme replaced the existing rewards program and it has been designed with a focus on rewarding recreational players. This means that you do not need to be sat playing 6 hours a day to get some big benefits!

You can read the full terms and conditions (and if you have not already done so claim your $88 free play as a new player) over at www.888poker.com.

New 888 Poker VIP Club Details

You’ll be entered into the 888 Poker Club automatically, whether you are just signing up for the first time, or whether an existing customer of the site. The reward program is a point based system, you’ll earn these points by playing in one of the many challenges offered by 888 Poker.

The Club Challenges take center stage in the new rewards program. Accept one of the challenges and you’ll start earning those all important points and whatever games you like to play at the site, there’ll be a challenge that is suitable. You also have the added bonus that if you enjoy the 888 casino or the sportsbook too, you can also earn points there too, so mixing up your gambling will certainly give your balance a boost.

888 Poker Club Levels (no drops!)

Jackpots for Individual Online SlotsOnce you have earned enough points at your given level, you’ll move up to the next level. Each new level sees the introduction of new club challenges. Not only this, but you’ll also gain ‘gold tokens’, earning more of these as you move through each of the levels. These gold tokens can be redeemed for a selection of different rewards and prizes, 888 Poker always ensuring that there is a prize within reach.

One of the best aspects of the 888 Poker rewards scheme is the fact that you can never actually drop down a level. So, if you were to make it to the third tier, for example, you’ll never, ever drop back to the lowest two levels again. This is very different from a number of other sites, where you might have to play a certain amount of poker on a monthly basis to stay at the same level. At 888 Poker, even if you were to take a break for a couple of months, you’ll just go back and play at the same rewards level!

Poker Club Incentives

The bonuses don’t stop there however. As part of the new bonus scheme, 888 Poker will run free poker tournaments on a daily basis, with at least $100,000 guaranteed to be paid out on a monthly basis. Grabbing a prize in one of these free rolls will certainly give the bankroll a boost and perhaps make it even easier to progress to the next reward level!

You’ll also have the opportunity to lay your hands on a free scratchcard. This will be yours if you can progress 5 levels.

888 Poker Club - Existing Players

Obviously there a huge number of existing players at 888 Poker, so how will the transition work for these individuals? Any points that were earned under the old system will now be transferred directly into gold tokens, so no players will actually lose any value, while the loyalty status achieved under the old system will determine which level players enter the new system at.

Some existing players will have been due cashback under the old system too, 888 Poker stating that:

“888poker will fully honor its cashback commitment to its players, including its VIPs, who are currently entitled to yearly cashback in the existing rewards plan. In the event that the cashback earned by a VIP player within the 888poker Club structure is lower than that which the player would expect from our current program, we’ll make sure to grant a monthly compensation of any difference in these amounts up until each player’s VIP status expires.”

888 update poker rewards

888 Poker Club New Member Extras

When starting out in the poker club, you’ll immediately gain 2 free tickets for the twice daily $3,000 going for gold tournament, while you’ll also gain 2 tickets to the daily $6,000 road to gold tournament. This isn’t the end of it however. Complete one of the 888 Club Poker challenges and you’ll gain another two tickets for the $3,000 tournament and move up a level and another $6,000 tournament ticket is yours. There is also a $10,000 gold rush tournament on a weekly basis, entry to these via taking part in surprise challenges that will come your way.

888 Update Poker Rewards – Conclusion

There is no doubt that there is something for everyone with the new poker rewards system in place at 888 Poker. The new package adds a layer of entertainment to the process of moving up those levels, ensuring that both recreational and the more serious players have a challenge to strive for. What’s stopping you? Head to www.888poker.com and see for yourself!

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