America's Cardroom Poker Deposit Methods

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How to Deposit and Withdraw with the Best Available Bonuses at America’s Cardroom Poker

ACR Referral Code for PokerAmerica’s Cardroom Poker are commonly known by their acronym – ACR. This site has been around in one form or another since 2001. They have a solid reputation for looking after players well. This includes innovating with deposit options for the core North American player base. European / Worldwide players have their own deposit options to choose from.

You will get an enhanced 200% welcome bonus if you deposit with any of the 60+ cryptocurrencies which are welcomed here using bonus code HTGBONUS over at

There are plenty of excellent reasons to keep playing at ACR Poker, even when your welcome bonus is cleared.

This page has you covered for the different ways to deposit at America’s Cardroom Poker. You will find how to use crypto, credit cards and player-to-player transfers below. The benefits, including the boosted welcome offer, are also covered.

Switching to Cryptocurrency: One Setup – Easy Poker Deposits and Withdrawals Forever

Two things that many people new to using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for gambling site deposits:

  • You don’t need to hold (or HODL) cypto for more than an hour or two unless you want to. This significantly reduces any risk from price volatility.
  • Setup is easy and safe. Once you have an account at a well-known exchange, you can deposit, withdraw, or switch back to dollars at the click of a button.

Better still, your welcome bonus at ACR Poker gets doubled with cryptocurrency deposits. This goes from a 100% match up to $1000, to a 200% match. You deposit $500 in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any altcoin listed, and you get $1000 in bonus funds. A great way to get your bankroll off to a flying start.

You will find full instructions, including a video, over at – here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Create your ACR account (don’t forget referral code HTGBONUS)
  2. Head to the cashier, and choose cryptocurrency as your deposit method. You will see a list of the 60+ options. If you are new to crypto, I recommend sticking with Bitcoin. Choose this, and you will get a QR code and string of characters / numbers.
  3. You now need an account at an exchange, Coinbase is the best-known, thought there are many more including Binance, and BitPanda (non-US). You can manage this either through your desktop or phone. KYC is needed, though this is a one and done process.
  4. You will fund your Crypto account by transferring dollars from your bank. Once on board, you can swap them for Bitcoin. To send this to ACR Poker, use the string (receiver Id) you got from the cashier. You can also scan the QR code and use the exchange’s app. You put in the amount to deposit, click send and your money is on the way.
  5. When ACR receive this (within 15 minutes), they will swap it straight to dollars, where it remains until you are ready to cash out again.

Cashing out is simply the reverse. You get a receiver id from your exchange account, add this to your withdrawal request in the ACR Poker cashier, and the money will be sent to your wallet. You can then swap it for dollars right away if you wish.

Minimum deposits of just $10 are possible with crypto. If you are a high-roller, then the $25,000 maximum deposit will be welcome news.

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List of Cryptocurrencies Welcomed for America’s Cardroom Poker Deposits

This list is being added to all the time. All the major coins are included. The number of alternative coins is amazing. Note that coins come and go, it may be that by the time you read this one or two have disappeared, replaced by completely new currencies.

bitcoin gamblingBitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Basic Attention Token, Nxt, Blackcoin, Mastercoin (GUP), DistrictOx, Starcoin, GameCredits, Lisk, Nubits, PeerCoin, SingularDTV, Siacoin, Storj, Tether, Emercoin, Steem, Novacoin, Counter Party, Lbry Credits, Matchpool, Bitshares, Ethereum Classic, Swarm City, Colem, Voxels, Monero, Omisego, Qtum, Waves, zCash, Aragon, Angur, Bancor, Bitcoin Dark, Civic, Decred, Digi Byte, Digizdao, Edgeless, Gnosis, Inonomi, Lexec, Komodo, Eos, Tenx, Status, Vertcoin, Wings, OX, DogeCoin, Fun Fair, Melon, Monacoin, Namecoin, WeTrust, Token Card, Reddcoin, Numeraire, PotCoin, FirstBlood, Clams and Dash.

Quite a list!

All you need to do is register with bonus code HTGBONUS, head to the cashier, and you will be enjoying an improved 200% welcome bonus. Check out the promotions for yourself now over at!

USA / Canada: Alternative Deposit Options at America’s Cardroom

Cards are welcomed at ACR. Banks will try to restrict these payments, which leads to a ‘cat and mouse’ game between the financial institutions and offshore gambling sites. Payment processors are constantly switched in a bid to get your money on board.

Visa and MasterCard have the biggest success rates. Depending on which payment processors are in use – as well as your location – you can sometimes also deposit with Amex or Discover branded cards. Note that Visa cards come with a 10% fee – making them unsuitable for bigger deposits.

When they do through, depositing with your credit cards works in the exact same way that any online purchase does.

For Canadian players, there are no laws restricting card use. Bigger banks in Canada will still decline / block gambling site transactions – presumably out of fear they will break the laws south of the border.

Person to Person Transfers: If you know someone that already has an account at ACR poker, you can get them to send you some cash. This is easy and convenient, with only a short delay in place for security.

It is not ‘official’, though international wiring services can be used as a way to get your money into your America’s Cardroom account too. Bank wires and money orders can be discussed with the cashier staff if you want to make huge deposits. They will probably do exactly what I’m suggesting, and explain how awesome crypto is for this type of bigger transaction.

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Worldwide Deposit Options at America’s Cardroom Poker

Electronic wallet deposits are the main added option for European and Worldwide players. Cards are much easier to use too – with no bank interference. You can still use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from outside of North America.

Skrill and Neteller are electronic wallet brands with a long history of facilitating gambling site deposits. They work in a similar way to the better known PayPal (which is accepted by some gambling sites, though not the offshore ones). You set up an online wallet account, fund it via your own bank or cards – and then use the wallet to deposit and withdraw.

A big advantage of these wallets is that you don’t need to give any card or bank information to the gambling sites. As part of the deposit process, a secure window will open. You then log into your Skrill or Neteller account separately to confirm the transaction.

Check out the latest promos and claim your enhanced 200% welcome bonus now with ACR Poker bonus code HTGBONUS over at


How the Deposit Bonus at America’s Cardroom Poker Works

Whether you get the 100% or 200% welcome bonus with referral code HTGBONUS, the process for ‘clearing’ it works in the same way.

One thing I like about this bonus is that it clears $1 at a time. You need to earn ‘Action Points’ to clear your bonus at a rate of 27.5 APs for every dollar of bonus funds. You get them for paying rake at the cash game tables or tournament fees. You also earn ‘ranking points’ towards your loyalty scheme level.

You have a full 60 days to clear as much of your bonus as possible. After this any remaining funds will expire. This is better than for many other sites.

In the past, ACR have also given away tournament tokens with your welcome bonus. If this deal comes back, bonus code HTGBONUS will get you it – this is good for the best available current bonus, no questions! For even more detail on the bonus / benefits / loyalty scheme (with more numbers), check out my other site Sit and Go Planet, where you will find an America's Cardroom Poker Bonus Code page with all the info. 

Rakeback Deals at ACR Poker

There used to be a debate about whether the ‘flat rakeback’ or ongoing benefits were best at this poker site. Flat Rakeback is at 27%. You get a rebate on your rake and tournament entry fees. The other side of this is that you opt-out of the other ongoing benefits and promotions. It is great for players that sit and ‘grind’ at multiple tables all day… everyone else gets a better deal by sticking with the mix of leaderboards, promotions and the loyalty scheme.

In 2020, almost all players are sticking with the benefits mix – if you did want the rakeback, all you need to do is send a quick e-mail to the support team who will switch you over.

Promotions and Benefits of Playing at America’s Cardroom Poker

So far, you know how to deposit and how to get the best available bonus deal.

This is with ACR referral code HTGBONUS (of course!).

You will then enjoy some ongoing promotions. Many of these are different to the promotions you will find at other sites. Here are some examples:

  • Sit and Crush: This is a progressive leader board promotion aimed at 1-table tournament players. The more games get played each week, the bigger the prize pool grows. This is then divided among the players that earned the most points in the games. There are different pools for higher and lower buy-in games, and an opt-in is required.
  • The Beast: This is the same idea as Sit N Crush, only for cash game players. If you are already a high-volume player, it is a great way to top up your bankroll. There are more cash game specials, look out for the new ‘bomb pots’ tables, which can be a lot of fun.
  • Freerolls on Demand: Small freerolls with a $50 prize pool will start any time of day when 270 players join the games. While the final table is not exactly loaded like the WSOP, it can provide a way to get a bankroll from zero.
  • OSS / Venom Tournaments: These tournament events have big guaranteed prize pools. ACR work hard to fill the seats via qualifier games. Look out for completely free ways to take your shot. The Venom games currently have guaranteed prize pools of $7 million.

There are regular promotions like reload bonuses, plus cross over promotions with the online sportsbook and casino to enjoy.

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Elite Benefits Loyalty Program at America’s Cardroom Poker

As soon as you deposit and start playing the real money poker games, you will become part of the Elite Benefits loyalty program. This has tiers which are named after military ranks. It is complex, with added benefits coming from different sources.

You earn ranking points at the tables to climb tiers. You then get to swap them for ‘combat points’ at better and better exchange rates. Those combat points can be used to buy bonuses (which get better as you climb). You also earn medals (cash awards), and can access freeroll tournaments with bigger prize pools.

The top level (5-star general) has VIP style benefits.

Wrapping Up: Deposit Methods at America’s Cardroom Poker

For a bigger and better welcome bonus, use the combination of bonus / referral code HTGBONUS and cryptocurrency deposits at ACR Poker.

This gets you off to a flying start, with a 200% welcome match – which clears in $1 increments as you play.

There are more than 60 digital coins available. Most new players will stick to the bigger ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin – though do check the current list for more options. Using these coins is simple once you have an exchange account. If you prefer not to keep the coins, you can swap them for dollars very fast.

Other deposit options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Player to Play, Skrill and Neteller. For high rollers, speak to support about arranging a bank wire.

There is a lot to live about America’s Cardroom in 2020. Their cashier is one of the best of any offshore poker site.

Remember, referral code HTGBONUS gets you the biggest available bonus.

Check out for yourself now!

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