How to Change Your Screen Name on iPoker Network Poker Sites

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Change Your Screen Name On Titan Poker, William Hill, BetFair Poker, Bet365 and many other iPoker Network Sites!

How to Change Your Screen Name on iPoker Sites?

Got an embarrassing screen name? A history which dates back to when you were a beginner which you would prefer to leave behind? Want to hide from the regulars who know your game a little too well?

These (and many more) reasons all lead to one question: How can I change my screen name on iPoker Network sites like Titan, Bet365, Ladbrokes, BetFair, William Hill, Paddy Power Poker, Coral and more?

The Solution

While these sites do not allow direct screen name changes, there is a work around which can see you playing at exactly the same tables – with several additional hidden advantages too!

Each of the sites on the iPoker Network pool together their players using the same back-end software, which is simply branded with the colors and logos of the different members. This means that simply by switching site on this network you get to play the same games, against the same opponents and start fresh with a brand new screen-name!

I am sure you can already think of some advantages, and this is perfectly legal as long as you do not play on more than one member site at the same time.

Here are those advantages:

  • You get a new screen-name and a fresh start

  • You get a new player bonus (see my special Titan Poker offer for a really good one with an exclusive extra $20 free!)

  • You get to play at the beginners tables for a while

  • Your old adversaries will not know who you are, you can leave your history behind!

Changing Screen Name at William Hill, Bet365, Ladbrokes or Paddy Power – Check Out Titan Poker

Ok, for those readers who have an account at one of the big betting brands (maybe you discovered poker that way?) and want to change name then Titan Poker are an easy recommendation. Titan are the biggest site on the network and are poker specialists, they really know how to look after their players!

You can claim a special 200% matched bonus + $20 extra free cash with bonus code PBCLUB and a minimum $30 first deposit – I will ensure that the cash is transferred directly to your player account within 48 hours.

With the new ‘treasures’ promo on top of the already long list of benefits, Titan is not only an easy choice – they really are the only rational choice. Remember bonus code PBCLUB for your extra $20! Click here to check out Titan Poker for yourself now!

Titan Poker Bonus Code

Changing Your Poker Screen Name at Titan Poker

Of course, some readers will want to change at Titan Poker – in which case you need a good alternative site. My recommendation for you is to stick with one of the biggest and best household names in the UK, William Hill. This site has a ton of special offers and will keep your bankroll regularly topped up!

New players at William Hill get a 200% match on their first deposit, and of course access to the beginners tables and freerolls. Click here to check out William Hill Poker for yourself!

How to Change Your Screen Name on iPoker Sites - William Hill Poker

Countries Which Can’t Access Titan / BetFair Poker

Sometimes there are restrictions for specific countries, for example Titan Poker is not available in 

Canada, Mexico or Germany (plus many Eastern Euro countries). In the UK, Titan Poker has a specific site which is licensed under the new UK rules – Titan Bet Poker.

If you are in a restricted country I recommend Iron Poker (you’ll instantly recognize the distinctive branding!). You can still take advantage of the HTG $20 extra cash offer at this site with bonus code PBCLUB.

Changing Your Name on the iPoker Network – Summing Up

Leaving an old screen name behind while keeping access to your favorite games is simple with the iPoker Network. Here is a checklist to finish off.

List 1 – Main iPoker Sites

  • Changing Screen Name at Bet365
  • Changing Screen Name at Ladbrokes
  • Changing Screen Name at BetFair Poker
  • Changing Screen Name at Paddy Power Poker
  • Changing Screen Name at William Hill Poker
  • Changing Screen Name at NetBet, Coral or Everest

Easy Top Rec = Titan Poker (or for UK based readers). Use bonus code PBCLUB to get $20 extra (paid direct to your player account within 48 hours, usually sooner) on top of your 200% welcome match. See for more.

List 2 – Titan Poker / Iron Poker

Changing Screen Name at Titan Poker, Titan Bet UK or Iron Poker

Here I recommend you check out BetFair Poker, this gambling giant really knows how to look after their loyal players.

List 3 – Country Specifics

If you are in Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark or many lower GDP countries in Eastern Europe, you may find some restrictions on joining Titan, BetFair and some other bigger brand iPoker sites.

If you want to change your screen name, then I strongly recommend NetBet Poker. This site has a long history (used to be called Poker 770) and is available in a lot of different languages. See for the latest offers.

NetBet Poker Review

Remember, you can easily leave your poker past behind with iPoker, and still access the same tables. Get yourself a fresh start right now!

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