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How to Win Big for Small Stakes at Online Poker Sites

Casino Jackpots GuideLet’s face it, the same old poker tables and nightly tournaments can get dull after a while. Poker sites have introduced a lot of innovations to keep things fresh over the last couple of years. These include fast-fold poker games, knockout tournaments and even lottery Sit N Goes.

If you know where to look, you’ll find opportunities to win big money for a small stake. Some of these are random (or at least have a very big chance element), while others require a mix of poker strategy knowledge, skills and of course some luck.

I have divided the types of online poker jackpot into 3 areas below. These are jackpot Sit N Goes, big prize pool tournaments and bad beat / high hand jackpots. At the end of this page you will find my recommendations for the best sites for online poker jackpot opportunities for both US and Worldwide readers.

Online Poker Jackpots – Lottery / Jackpot Sit N Goes

Lottery Sit and Go tournaments are a recent invention, which have spread quickly from site to site – with most of the major poker networks now offering them.

The idea is that you play a 1-table tournament with just 3 players, and that the prize pool is randomly allocated after you start at between 2x the buy-in and 1000x the buy-in. For example, you join a $5 lottery game and end up playing for a $5000 first prize. The big money is made possible as most of the games will only give $10 to the winner in this case – keeping the $5 (minus fees) for those occasional bigger prizes. You can hit many levels in between, for example 5x or 10x.

One thing that appeals to many players is that these games are usually played at super-turbo speeds. You’ll start with between 300 and 500 chips, and the blinds will increase every 2 minutes. Some sites even use these games for entertaining qualifiers to live poker events.

US based players can find these games at America’s Cardroom.

If you are outside of the US then I recommend that you check out the games at Titan Poker instead. You can claim $20 extra free cash with my bonus code PBCLUB (on top of your 200% bonus + tournament token package), a great extra to try out these games for yourself!

Traditional Jackpot Sit N Goes

Before the lottery games got popular, the 1-table tournaments with jackpot prizes were more similar to regular Sit N Goes. These can be found at Titan Poker (on the iPoker Network) and are 6 or 9 player games. The idea is that anyone who wins 5 or 6 in a row (depending on the game) gets a jackpot prize of between €2000 and €35000. The bigger prizes will grow each week they are not won. There is also a consolation prize for winning 5 in a row and then coming second!

You can find these games – which are still popular – at (remember bonus code PBCLUB to claim your $20 extra free cash).

Titan Poker Bonus Code

Online Poker Jackpots – Big Buy-in Tournaments

The biggest online poker tournaments have prize pools of $5 million and up, and some even guarantee $1 million to the winner. These are held at PokerStars as part of special promotions… though I recommend that readers who are not already poker pros set their sights a little lower (just for the time being!).

What I do recommend is that you hit the qualifiers (satellites) which will enable you to take a seat in one of the regular big prize tournaments which are running every week online. While the best known of these is the PokerStars Sunday Million, there are plenty of easier games if you know where to look for them.

For US based players, America’s Cardroom regularly run $1 million guaranteed tournaments. These are often scheduled together with the ‘Online Super Series’ tournament events. Entry is $525 if you buy-in direct, though you can start qualifying for just a few dollars.

Outside of the US I recommend the regular ‘Whale’ games at 888 Poker. 888 has a lot of games named after different fish (the Swordfish, Pufferfish and so on). The Whale tops the lot and has a prize of $150,000 with a $600 buy-in. Qualifiers run all week, and I estimate that around 30% of the field will get their tickets via the 6-stage ‘steps’ system or MTT qualifiers. While $30,000 for 1st place might not be a million dollar jackpot – this is still pretty impressive!

Check out for the latest schedules.

Online Poker Jackpots – Bad Beat / High Hand Jackpots

Jackpot Slot SignThe final way to win a big windfall is popular in live poker rooms, though has declined in popularity over the last few years online. The concept is simple enough, if you get beaten with a certain strength of hand or better (usually quad-8’s or 9’s as a minimum), then you’ll receive an instant jackpot prize which is usually progressive. Some sites specify tables where you can win this jackpot. Since these tables attract a lot of the more recreational player types, they are often very easy games despite the extra rake (fee) taken from each hand to help the jackpot grow.

High Hand bonuses are usually much smaller jackpots. Here you have to show down the best hand on a particular day. A Royal Flush will almost certainly win, though a straight flush or 4 of a kind will also win on some days. Think $200 to $1000 prizes, depending on where you find this specific promotion.

Best Sites For US / Worldwide Online Poker Jackpots

While there is no single site which has it all, there are some stand-out sites when it comes to online poker jackpots. Here are my recommendations:

#1 – US Poker Jackpots – America’s Cardroom

This is the only US friendly site to feature Lottery Sit N Goes at the moment. These give you the chance to win up to 1000x your buy-in from a super-fast and easy to beat format. ACR also run the biggest poker tournaments of any offshore US site. You’ll get a 200% welcome bonus, $1k tournament entry and up to $50 in ‘Tournament Bucks’ when you join this site – check out the details on now!

#2 – Worldwide Poker Jackpots – Titan Poker

This site had the original Jackpot Sit N Goes (the ones where you need to win 5 or 6 in a row) and has been paying out big prizes for almost 10 years from them. Titan also have a high hand promo and some bigger prize poker tournaments (look out for their iPOPs events). With Lottery Sit N Goes starting at Titan, you’ll have a great choice in this format too.

High Tech Gambling readers will get an extra $20 (paid to your player account within 48 hours, usually sooner), in addition to your 200% welcome bonus by registering with bonus code PBCLUB.

Check out the many different ways of winning online poker jackpots at now!

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