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Poker Sites with Games in EurosWhere to Play Online Poker in Euros

When it comes to online poker, the US dollar still rules the roost, with the vast majority of games played in this currency. However, the game has changed over the years, not least because of the change in laws for US poker players, making Europe the new home of online poker in this early part of the 21st century. Due to this change, many players would like to have the option of actually playing in Euros and fortunately this is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

In this article I start by examining why it can be advantageous to play in the Euro currency. I then move onto look at the reality of playing in Euros in the online poker world. Next up, I examine the different ways that sites might handle deposits and play using the Euro currency. I finish by recommending two sites where you’ll be able to play poker in the Euros.

Update: The iPoker Network has always had games in Euros, they have now gone one step further and become the first Euro-only poker room. Titan Poker is my personal iPoker pick, and the games are as soft as ever. Check them out now, and if you like what you find you can claim an extra $20 free by registering with bonus code PBCLUB (on top of the aleady huge 200% welcome bonus). See for yourself now!

The Advantages of Playing in Euros

If you are living in a country where the Euro is the currency it makes perfect sense that you’ll want to play in Euros. If you went to the local store and bought your weekly shopping, you wouldn’t expect to pay for this in US dollars – in fact this would be a frankly ridiculous situation – but this is one that faces many online poker players regularly. This can lead to a situation where you’ll not be exactly clear as to how much you are gambling at the tables. Yes, you’ll be told how much you are taking to the table in Euros when you buy-in for US dollars, but how much will that 3-bet, re-raise or all-in actually cost?  – not something you’ll know unless you have an up to date knowledge of the current exchange rate.

Also if you are playing at a site where your funds are automatically converted into US dollars at the point of deposit, you will also be at the mercy of the exchange rate. This could lead to a situation where the money you are winning at the tables is offset by a change in the exchange rate.

The Realities of Playing in Euros

Currently the US dollar games are by far the most popular games you’ll find online, although this is slowly but surely changing. An ever growing number of sites are offering games in more than one currency and some sites have actually ditched the US dollar games completely.  This trend is expected to continue – there may come a time when the majority of games will be in the Euros?

How do online Poker Sites deal with Euros?

How do online Poker Sites deal with Euros?There are three ways in which a site might deal with the currency.

Firstly, you might make your deposit in Euros – this amount immediately gets converted into US dollars. Your account will remain in dollars, until you withdraw where the amount will be converted back into Euros.

Secondly you’ll find some sites where you’ll deposit in Euros and you’ll play in Euros. This is the most straightforward scenario as it involves no exchange rates and no complications.

Finally you’ll find sites where you’ll make a deposit in Euros and your account remains in Euros. However, you’ll be able to play at the tables using a different currency (in most cases the US dollar). When entering the game your account will be deducted the buy-in amount based upon the current exchange rate and when you leave the table your funds will be re-converted back into Euros (most sites will give you the same exchange rate at which you bought in for).

Recommended Poker Sites with Games in Euros


When having an account at Pokerstars you’ll be able to hold your funds in 3 separate wallets – the US dollar, the British Pound and the Euro. These funds can be held in just one wallet or across all three. You’ll find games at all three currencies on this site, the Euro games being the second most popular in terms of traffic. The Euro games are signified by the € symbol within a blue circle in the games lobby.

Pokerstars is the busiest poker site in the world, meaning you’ll never have trouble finding a game to suit you. 

You can claim up to 3 100% 'first' deposit bonuses at PokerStars, register with Marketing Code PSP0000, and then make those deposits with bonus code STARS600 (up to 3 totalling $600). Check out the biggest selection of Euro poker tables online at now

Titan Poker

Titan poker are a site which doesn’t actually offer games in US dollars, meaning that you’ll find more traffic at the Euro games (you’ll also find games available for British Pounds). All of the big money tournaments at the site are also Euro based. This site is part of the huge iPoker Network, which has many major European sports betting brands as members.

New players at Titan can take advantage of my unique offer for HTG readers, that is a 200% matched welcome bonus + $20 extra in cash on top (yes, I do see the irony of having an extra bonus in Dollars!). This is paid direct to your player account within 48 hours, usually much sooner. Use bonus code PBCLUB when you register to claim this great deal. See the softest Euro games online over at for yourself.

Poker Sites with Games in Euros - Titan Poker

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