Poker Tracking Services

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Scout Games Like The Pros Using Poker Tracking Sites

Poker Tracking ServicesTable and game selection has never been so important. We all know the games are becoming tougher, but they are by no means unbeatable. Taking the time to scope out the opposition is a very wise move this day and age.

This article will discuss what tracking sites are, how they work, benefits of using them and highlight some of the main players in the game.

Poker Tracking Services – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Poker tracking sites are simply sites that track player’s results. They essentially observe the hands and note what players win or lose and display these stats on their websites. They can be a great tool for tracking your own results or looking up how well your opponents are doing at the felt.

Poker Tracking Services – Should You Use Them?

Poker tracking services are not popular with everyone, but they are here to stay and if available to you then, yes, you should use them. At the end of the day they provide extra information that you can use at the table.

What’s peoples issue with them?

Well, obviously many people have a problem with their results being public – there are many more losers than winners in poker – but nobody likes being identified as a loser. Nobody likes having it rubbed in their face.

The thing is, you should be using the tracking services, taking the information on-board and adjusting your strategy accordingly, so if you look up your opponent and they’re a massive loser, don’t start berating them in chat – just be happy you’ve caught a ‘live one’ or get it quietly so to speak.

Poker tracking sites are good for the game in terms of they generate a lot of spectators to the games, which in turn leads to a lot of new players signing up and depositing. This obviously is a good thing for the poker ecology.

Poker Tracking Services – SharkScope

Online Poker Tracking ServicesSharkScope is the number one tracking service around for tournaments and SNGs. SharkScope allows all users 5 free searches per day and has numerous different payment plans depending on your needs. SharkScope is great for tracking your own results, you can easily filter for different games, buy ins, speeds and structures. The information can be displayed as tables, charts and graphs.

SharkScope is great for finding the biggest winners at certain games and has many different leader boards, which help you measure your skills against the best in the business. SharkScope allows any user to easily block all of their statistics on all of their poker accounts, this is a great feature that allows anyone uncomfortable to opt out.

Poker Tracking Services – Poker Table Ratings

Poker Table Ratings (PTR) is perhaps the most well-known of the tracking services. They were the first to come on the scene in a big way and were considered the go to service way back when. PTR is now much more than a site that just tracks cash game results. It is more like a suite of tools to help players. You can set up a buddy list and get alerts when potential opponents/friends are online. There is sophisticated table selection software that does exactly what it says on the tin – makes table selecting easy.

With the premium service you can search for any player in the database and can bring up very detailed information and statistics. Armed with this information you can analyse your own play, look up the top players and see who is running hot or even use it to breakdown your opponents playing tendencies.

Poker Tracking Services – Poker Edge

Poker Edge is a very feature rich poker tool that prides itself on being optimized for the multi-table grinder. At its core is a huge database – billions of hands are stored here, which allows you to pull almost any statistic up and focus on any specific aspect of yours or your opponents game.

As well as the tracking service poker edge boasts their ‘Heads up Display’ HUD as being one of the most sophisticated on the market. A HUD is a way of displaying real time stats on your opponents while at the table. The stats are presented to you as numbers actually on your poker table.

The notifications feature is a pretty cool trick, if you’re playing a lot of tables you can often easily fold without being fully aware of the situation at hand and in hindsight you might have done something differently. Poker Edge can alert you of your hand strength, so that you don’t misread your hand or can even alert you when there is a good spot for a steal!

On top of this Poker Edge has an odds calculator, player reports and a table selection tool.

Poker Tracking Services – Conclusion

While there is some misuse from players the services themselves are great tools that should not be overlooked. All of the sites have some type of free version for you to have a look at before committing to any of the premium versions. SO take a look at them all and decide for yourself which one is for you.

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