Unibet Poker App Review

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Unibet Poker ApplicationUnibet began in 1998 as a telephone betting sportsbook in the UK, a year later making the move to internet gambling. The company has grown over the years, taking over many other companies along the way and diversifying into such areas as casino gambling, bingo and poker. For a number of years Unibet were part of the MPN poker network, but in 2014 made the move to standalone poker.

The new look Unibet Poker is very different to many sites (read my detailed review here). Firstly there are no hand histories at the site, which has a big impact on a number of very serious players, as they’ll no longer be able to use a HUD (a heads-up display on the screen which displays statistics about opponents). You’ll also find that note-taking is not possible. Both of these moves have been made to level the playing field and are a big positive for the recreational player, meaning the games are softer than at many sites. The main site looks great – the customisable tables offering you the chance of playing in many different settings.

The poker App was launched at the same time and the question is – how does it match up to the main site? 

In this review I start by telling you how you’ll get started playing poker with the Unibet App and explain which devices are available for mobile play. I then detail the options and the game play at Unibet poker before giving my overall impression of the App.

Unibet Poker App – Getting Started

Your first step is to head to the website and sign up at Unibet. Having done this, click the mobile tab for details about playing on a mobile device. You’ll notice that Unibet poker is only available on tablets and not on a smartphone. If playing on an iPad, you’ll visit the App store to download the mobile poker App. If using an Android device you’ll visit the following website:


Here you’ll find a download link. Having downloaded the software, you might have to go into your settings to allow access to the App (this App is not available on the google play store as they will not generally allow real money gaming sites to offer Apps there).

Unibet Poker App – Options

Unibet Poker App - Options

When opening the App you’ll enter your username and password and be ready to play straight away. You’ll click one of the three options – cash game, sit & go or tournament, find the right stake for you and start playing. The mobile app actually looks identical to the desktop site, with all of the same options available. A menu button in the top left hand corner enables you to change various settings when playing, including whether you want to display table avatars or which type of setting you want to play at. Across the top of the screen you’ll also find buttons which show you your achievements at the site, your missions when playing and your progress within that mission. You’ll also be able to deposit directly through the App.

GamePlay at Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker Table App View

Gameplay is very straightforward at Unibet poker. As you can see from the screenshot, you’ll have three options, fold, call (or check) and raise. The first two options require no further action, but hitting raise brings up a slider where you’ll choose the size of your raise. This was responsive and easy to use. The graphics are once again very much like the main site.

Unibet Poker App – Overview

This is one of the most impressive poker Apps I have come across. Many poker apps are very much slimmed down version of the main site, featuring fewer options and very basic graphics. At Unibet poker there is almost no difference between the main site and the poker App – the same impressive choice of backgrounds and avatars available on both.

Another area where poker apps can fall down is in the actual gameplay, but once again this App hits the mark. The three option buttons are not too intrusive, and the slider when raising is very responsive, meaning you won’t have too much trouble choosing exactly the right bet size.

There is another added advantage to using this app. The majority of sites will allow HUD’s at the main site but not when using an App, meaning mobile players can be at a small disadvantage – there is no disadvantage here. 

Overall I was highly impressed - check out www.unibet.com to see for youself.

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