Beginners International Cricket Betting Guide

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The Definitive Guide To Betting On All Forms Of Cricket

From Test Match cricket, to One Day internationals, to the rush of Twenty Twenty cricket I’ll go through all the betting opportunities, and some betting strategy.

Test Match Cricket

Beginners International Cricket Betting GuidePlayed over five days, this is seen as the supreme test in cricket. With each team batting twice, this is the proverbial “marathon and not a sprint”. Each match will generally be part of a series, played over two to six matches.

Series Betting

To win the series – Before a series begins (and during it) you will be able to bet on the winner of the series. Three options will be available here (both teams and the tied series). Generally, over a series, form does even out somewhat, so upsets are less likely to happen. With this in mind, check out both teams squads (over a series they may use a large proportion of their squad due to injuries etc), look at the teams home and away records in series (and in particular previous series between the two teams in that country), look at current form and then place your bet accordingly.

Top batsman – Which batsman will score the most runs over the series? An interesting bet, in that it will be ever changing throughout the series, and great when your batsman gets “in”. Things to look at when deciding on this market are current form of the batsman, how does he fare against this bowling attack and will he play every match?

Top bowler – Who will take the most wickets in the series? When making your decision in this market, bear in mind how this player fares in this particular country, is the player in form, is the player injury prone? No point backing someone who may only play one match in the series.

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Match Betting

Match odds – Which team will win the test match? As well as looking at form, team line ups and home advantage, one of the key things to focus on here is the weather. You may fancy a team strongly, but if it is going to rain for three days, the match well end in a draw. Waiting for which team wins the toss can be a good tactic here, but the odds will change quickly when the toss is made.

Test Match End – When will the match come to a conclusion? Each day will be listed, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions listed  (the first three days may be listed as one bet as a finish before then is very unlikely). If you think it may be a long drawn out affair, “day five evening” might be your chosen bet, a wicket which is great for the bowlers might see you bet a much earlier finish.

Innings Runs – How many runs will a team score? This market is usually listed in groups of 25, for example 150 runs or more, or 175 runs or more etc

First Innings Lead – Which team will score the most runs first time out. Maybe a particular wicket is suited to seam bowling on the first three days, but be more reactive to spin later in the match – in this case you might want to back the team with the better seam attack.

Best Opening Partnership – Look closely at the two players on each side, how well do they play together, what have their previous partnerships been? Conversely, how good are the opening bowlers with the new ball?

Other Bets -  You could also bet on players to score a century (or a 50), a player to take five wickets and whether or not it will be a tied match, as well as many other specialized bets.

One Day Internationals

International Cricket Betting Guide For BeginnersInternational one day cricket is played over 50 overs, however if a match is shortened because of adverse weather, the Duckworth Lewis method comes into play and the match can be dramatically shortened. With this is mind, take a look at the teams, which players are in form, which players have a great strike rate, which bowlers have a good economy rate, decide based upon the weather if  the match will  play out in full, and then place your bet accordingly.

Many of the markets will be the same in ODI’s as test matches (top runscorer etc). Again, waiting for the toss can be a good idea at times, some wickets traditionally are better for chasing, and playing at certain times of day can help either the team batting first or batting second – however the odds will change accordingly if you wait for the toss.

Twenty Twenty

The quick-fire form of the game, one hundred and twenty balls for each team, with each bowler only allowed four overs. The big things to look out for here are scoring rate (how many big six hitters has each team got), how well can a player bowl, especially at the end, how much run scoring power has the lower order got.  Many of the markets available are similar again, however in twenty twenty games, the toss is not as important, because conditions will be very similar for both teams (however if a team is particularly good/bad at chasing, then it may be very relevant).

International Cricket in one form or another is played pretty much all year round and betting opportunities are plentiful – be it the rush of twenty twenty, the stamina sapping test match or the tactical ODI, place your bet, sit back and watch the action.

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