Ice Hockey Betting Guide - Your Complete NHL Betting Guide

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The Definitive Guide To Gambling On Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Betting GuideIn this article I will explain the differing bets you can have on a game, from money lines, the puck line and totals - the differing type of odds on offer, and some strategy to improve your gambling and enjoyment when betting on the Ice Hockey.

Money Line Hockey Bets

Unlike many other sports that are huge in the USA, the money line is the most popular bet in Ice Hockey. This bet is simply a bet on which team you think will win.

For example, betting may be listed as follows.

New Jersey 2.5

Pittsburgh  1.5

If these odds were fractional, they would say New jersey 6/4 and Pittsburgh 1/2, in US books the odds would be New jersey +150 (bet 100 to win 150) and Pittsburgh -200 (bet 200 to win 100).

The Puck Line

One of the teams will be classified as the favorite by the bookmaker, and this team will give goals to the other team. In the above example, Pittsburgh may give 1.5 goals to New jersey. In this case, backing Pittsburgh would mean that they have to win by more than 1.5 goals, backing New Jersey means that they can either win, or lose by less than 1.5 goals.

In this market, because of the goals start, both teams will generally closer in odds, although not as close as lines in other sports, and you often see the un-favored side as favorite in this market. For example :

New Jersey +1.5  1.50

Pittsburgh  -1.5    2.5

In this market the prices have flipped around completely.

Betting On Overs In Hockey Games

In other American sports, the over line will move as the money comes in, however in Hockey generally because of the low scoring nature of the game, the line will stay the same but the odds will change. The line will generally be set around the 6.5 mark.

In the above game between New Jersey and Pittsburgh the line may be:

Under 6.5 goals 2.0

Over 6.5 goals 1.8

Ice Hockey Betting Strategy

When deciding upon placing a bet on the Ice Hockey there are some obvious things to look for, including current team form, do they have an extra edge on their home rink, do they have any injuries, or is a star player being rested and the current standings. However, here are some strategies you can also look at to give you an extra edge.

Give great consideration to the Goal Tender. Whilst the result of the game doesn’t depend solely upon the Goal Tender, it is considered generally to be the most important position on the Ice and being confident in this player will give you added confidence in your bet.

Keep a close eye on teams home and away records. Ice Hockey has some of the most fervent fans in Sport, and the atmosphere can sometimes be unmatched by other sports – so knowing which teams play well in front of their home fans, which teams play well coming up against a large home following or which teams are neutral in this respective can be a big addition to your betting armory.

Just because a team is favored doesn’t necessarily mean the money-line is right. The general public will largely want to bet on the bigger name teams, and in this scenario the bookmaker will react by moving their odds/line because of the weight of this money – however this doesn’t mean the line is right. In certain instances, there may be value to be had by backing the outsider in this scenario.

With Ice Hockey being the fourth largest sport in the US behind the NFL, MLB and the NBA, bookmakers don’t spend as much time on this sport as they will the others, so there is more potential in this sport for the line to be slightly out. Keep a close eye on the odds, and if you see what you perceive to be good value, take it!

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