William Hill Sportsbook iPhone app Review

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William Hill Sportsbook iPhone appThe history of William Hill can be traced all the way back to 1934 giving this company an experience in the industry that is unparalleled. In recent years gambling has moved on incredibly and the industry has become increasingly competitive, but William Hill have remained at the top of the game – this aided by a combination of expansion into all areas of gambling and offering the ability to gamble on a wide number of platforms, including of course the iPhone.

In this review I begin by explaining how you’ll start to use the William Hill sportsbook app. I move on to explain the features and the options you’ll find when using the app as well. I then look at the usability of the app before giving an overall summary. The review finishes by detailing the promotions you’ll be able to enjoy when joining William Hill.

William Hill iPhone app – Getting Started

To install the William Hill sportsbook app you’ll visit the app store. Search for ‘William Hill’ and you’ll see a selection of apps, including Bingo, Vegas and the Casino, however the Sportsbook is the top option. Click the ‘GET’ button and it will begin downloading. When opening the app, you’ll firstly be asked for your username and password – these being the same as those used at the website. If you are not an existing user, you’ll be able to join the site through the app.

William Hill iPhone app – Features and Options

William Hill iPhone App - FeaturesAfter logging in, you’ll be met by an information filled screen. Your account balance is displayed at the top of the screen (under a ‘Cluedo’ style icon) with your betting slip displayed next to it (with the number of current selections showing). Clicking on the ‘sports’ button in the top left hand corner of the screen will bring in a menu down the left hand side of the screen where you’ll be able to navigate to the whole range of sports, alongside other options such as gaming, virtual sports and the William Hill radio.

You’ll also find buttons to navigate to the key sports of the day at the top of the screen – these will virtually always feature horse racing and soccer, the buttons also featuring links to the top casino games. Below these you’ll find the latest offers which rotate from one to another every few seconds. The other options you’ll have are to choose ‘Top Bets’ which is the default option and points to the busiest betting markets of the day, ‘In-Play’ which points to the events going on right now and ‘Highlights’ which point to the best sporting action of the day. Below these buttons you’ll see the selected markets relevant to the buttons – William Hill themselves choosing which markets will populate these menus.

William Hill Sportsbook iPhone app – User Experience

The William Hill sportsbook app makes the mobile betting experience very straightforward, with an intuitive design. The app is set up so that you’ll be able to gamble on the biggest events very quickly, as these markets will be pre-loaded in the ‘Top bets’ or ‘Highlights’ lists. The size of the iPhone screen can vary due to the version you have, meaning some apps can be a little fiddly at times (especially on the older versions), but fortunately this app does ensure that all of the options can be easily clicked without having to worry that you’ll head to the wrong market. You’ll find all of the markets available here that you’ll find at the main site.

William Hill Sportsbook iPhone app – Summary

From a gambling app you want the ability to bet on the go quickly and easily – and this is achieved perfectly with the William Hill app. The selection of pre-loaded markets ensure that you’ll find the biggest markets of the moment immediately, and navigation to the smaller betting markets will only take a few seconds. In some ways the touch screen technology of the iPhone makes this navigation easier than using the website. This app fits the bill and might even mean all of your betting moves to your mobile device. I’d 100% recommend this app.

William Hill Sportsbook Promotions

Upon joining William Hill you’ll be able to enjoy two £10 bets when you’ve placed your first £10 bet. You’ll also be offered promotions featuring free bets, best odds guaranteed on UK horse racing markets, as well as a cash-in service where you can lock in your winnings or cut your losses in play. Check out www.williamhill.com for yourself now!

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