Over / Under Betting Guide

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Get the Best from Your Totals Bets with this Over-Under Betting Guide

Over/Under markets offer some of the most interesting wagers you’ll find online. While the majority of bets you’ll place see you taking sides with either one team or one player, the over/under (or totals) market sees you viewing a game with a completely different mind-set. Having placed this wager, you’ll have no real interest in the eventual winner – you’ll only be keeping an eye on the total number of points or goals. If you’ve backed ‘over’, you’ll be hoping for an action-packed game, or if you’ve backed ‘under’, you’ll want one of those tactical games where defences dominate.

This guide to the totals market starts with an explanation of how the market works, followed by two details of two sportsbooks who regularly offer such markets. Then a couple of example wagers are detailed, finishing with a summary of the over/under market.

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Over Under Betting Guide

How Do Over/Under Bets Work?

You’ll find under/over or totals bets available at a number of different sportsbooks. The concept is a relatively simple one – you are betting on whether the total amount of points in a game will be over or under a given total. In many of these cases, the odds offered either side of the totals are the same – at sportsbooks in the US these odds will usually be -110, while European sites with fractional odds will usually offer 10/11 for each side.

If you’re an ‘over’ backer you will get paid out the moment the total is surpassed, as opposed to other markets where you’d have to wait for the end of the game. Obviously, if you’ve backed ‘under’, you’ll have to wait until the end of the game before being paid out.

Trusted / Reliable Offshore Sportsbooks Offering Over/Under Bets

Bovada – Bovada are one of the most well-known sportsbooks on the planet, offering a huge range of betting markets. The site has a focus on the big American sports leagues, with over/under betting available on every game – while college sports and other leagues from around the world featuring widely. New customers at Bovada.lv can enjoy a 50% initial deposit bonus up to $250. With a small 5x rollover requirement, this is one of the easiest to clear bonuses available.

BetOnline – If you know sports and gambling, you’ll know BetOnline. This site is an ideal destination for the best of totals betting, with a focus on the biggest and best events in sport, while featuring all of the minor leagues too. Enjoy a similar 50% deposit bonus at BetOnline, up to an incredible $1,000 – this bonus require a 10x rollover, which is in-line with the better sportsbooks. See www.betonline.ag for the latest promos.

Over/Under Bet Examples

Over/Under wagers can be at their most popular at high scoring sports such as football or basketball. Here is an example of such a bet in football:

Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders: Totals Over 39.5 -110 Under 39.5 -110

In the example above, if you’re betting over, the magic number is 40. Once 40 points have been scored, your bet has won - and you’ll be paid out. When backing over, you obviously want lots of points on the board early, so you’ll be cheering on Touchdowns on every scoring drive. If betting under, you’ll be looking for the defence to do its job as many times as possible – you won’t mind scores, just as long as they are field goals. In the above example, the fact that the number is a fraction ensures that the bet can’t be a push.

Over/Under wagers also work in lower scoring sports such as baseball or hockey. Here is an example of a totals bet in baseball:

Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets: Totals Over 8.0 -110 Under 8.0 -110

In the above example, the magic number of runs is exactly 8. If you’re betting over, you’ll be hoping those starting pitchers have bad games, and many batters are getting on base and driving those runs in, while every home run will be cheered. Betting under will see you wanting the pitchers to dominate, with strike outs, double plays and the ball staying in the field. In the above example, where the number is an exact one, if exactly 8 runs are scored in the game, the bet will be considered a push – this will simply see your stake returned to you.

Over/Under Betting Summary

Over/Under betting is one of the most interesting ways of getting involved in sports betting action. Instead of looking at a game and deciding which team/player will win, you’ll be looking at it in a different way – will defences dominate, or will this be an all-action fest? If you consider yourself a good judge of a sport, this is an area of betting where you can most certainly grab an edge.

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