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Which are the Best Amaya Online Slots – and Where to Play Them?

Play Amaya Slots OnlineAmaya has gone from a little known Canadian gambling outfit to the world’s largest online gambling operator in the (proverbial!) blink of an eye. While all the headlines focus on their acquisition of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars back in 2014, this article will cover a different aspect of Amaya – their slots.

Considering that Amaya is a recent company, you might be surprised to hear that some of their slot titles go all the way back to 1999. This is because Amaya acquired the games of Cryptologic – a long time casino games creator (and online casino operators) back in 2012.

This article covers the best Amaya slots – and shows you the best place to play them online.

You’ll find info on the popular superhero range of games first below, these are based on DC Comics characters including Batman and Superman – and are the most popular titles. There are plenty of other games worth checking out too, including some with engaging bonus rounds, jackpots and stunning graphics.

If you want to play Amaya slots online then I strongly recommend Unibet Casino. This huge brand has more than 660 slot titles – they pick the best games from each software house and make them all available on the same site.

You’ll not only find the key Amaya superhero and movie slots at Unibet, you’ll get 50 free spins on one of the biggest jackpot slots around as part of your welcome bonus package.

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Amaya Superhero Slots

Superhero slots have a bit of history at Amaya / Cryptologic casinos. Crypto was the original developer of Marvel slots. They produced some good titles, only to be ‘gazumped’ (pushed out) by rival software house PlayTech. This was just about at the time that the Marvel movies took off in a big way. The slots became a huge hit for PlayTech, and Cryptologic lost out.

It is possible that history could repeat itself. The current range of superhero slots which make up the Amaya range are based on the characters from DC Comics. Industry speculation is that this license might also be going the way of PlayTech in the near future.

In the meantime, there are plenty of excellent slots to enjoy in the Amaya range which are based on DC Comics superheroes. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Superman

  • Superman, Last Son of Krypton

  • Wonder Woman

  • The Green Lantern

  • Batman

  • King Kong

Amaya Slots with Famous Themes and Movie Tie-Ins

While the superhero slots are some of the best titles, there are plenty of others which have famous tie-ins with movies, TV or books. With a history of creating slots to play online dating all the way back to 1995, not all of the titles are great (so it is worth taking the time to choose carefully).

Examples include Gulliver’s Travels, Street Fighter II, The Italian Job, Forest Gump and an excellent titles based on a medieval poem in the form of Beowulf.

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What to Expect from Amaya Slots

As I mentioned before, the finding enjoyable Amaya slots to play online requires avoiding the older games. These are not terrible, though the slow spin of the reels, old blocky graphics and lack of interesting on-reel features will do nothing to engage your interest.

Fortunately, at least half of the 200+ (and growing) list of Amaya slot games fall outside of this category. These do include some updates. It feels like the designers realized that they had a decent game, with 1990’s or early 200’s style graphics. Examples include Arthur’s Quest, which now has a number 2 – and Irish Eyes, which also boasts a better looking sequel.

For me, the quickest way to spot an older title is to avoid those games with 9 win-lines over the 5 reels. You should also be wary of a plain white background to the reels (more modern games use transparent reels or colors / designs). Too many playing card symbols which are plain and not designed to tie-in with the theme is also a big give-away.

Play the Best Amaya Slots Online – Next Steps

There are many excellent Amaya slots at online casinos, despite my reservations about their back catalogue I would recommend checking out these games. The superhero titles are a must-see, and many of the themed movie-tie ins are also nicely created.

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