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Deuces Wild Online LogoBetSoft have come into their own recently, while this casino software house has been around since the end of the 1990's - the new mobile and instant-play methods of accessing games have brought them into the spotlight. BetSoft slots are amazing, with 3D animations and console-quality feature rounds. The Video Poker titles at BetSoft are solid and entertaining, these are modeled on the original style of the live games - and offer you the chance of some big wins. These games are available to US players, as well as those around the world.

In this article I look at the full range of video poker games offered by BetSoft. I look at the most popular of the games in detail, with an explanation of how they work and any unique features.

BetSoft Video Poker Variations

At BetSoft there are eleven varieties of Video Poker. You’ll notice immediately when playing that the games are designed to look exactly like the Video Poker games you’ll find in a casino, and you’ll use the same buttons to control the action – making this possibly the most lifelike Video Poker found online. As well as using the buttons, you’ll also be able to hold cards by clicking on them on the screen.

Perhaps the most popular of the games are ‘Jacks or Better’, ‘Deuces Wild’ and ‘Joker Poker’ which I will look at in detail.

Jacks or Better

BetSoft Video Poker 1

Jacks or Better is the version of the game that features no wild cards or Jokers, named this way because to register a win you’ll need to have at least a pair of Jacks to hit the pay table. BetSoft offer a full payout version of the game, this being the 9/6 variety (so named after the payouts for the Full House and the Flush).

Deuces Wild

BetSoft V Poker 2

Deuces Wild is the variety of the game where any 2’s act as wild cards. Because of this you’ll expect a much better range of hands, which leads to the pay table starting at 3 of a kind. Because of the wild cards, you’ll also be able to hit ‘five of a kind’ and you’ll also find different payouts for a ‘Natural Royal Flush’ and a ‘Deuces Royal Flush’. You can find my strategy guide and charts for Deuces Wild here

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a game which features 53 cards – the usual 52 cards in the pack with an added Joker. This joker is wild, which means once again that ‘five of a kind’ is possible as well as different payouts for a ‘Natural’ and a ‘Wild’ Royal Flush. In this game you’ll need at least a pair of Kings to make the pay table.

Noteworthy Alternative BetSoft Video Poker Games

You’ll also find an ‘All American Progressive game’ at BetSoft, which plays in exactly the same way as ‘Jacks or Better’, although the payouts are smaller on many of the hands – this is offset by the progressive jackpot offered for a Royal Flush however. BetSoft have a range of ‘bonus’ games, where the payout table is changed so that you’ll gain more coins for hitting various 4 of a kind’s. One of the most impressive offerings however is the multi-hand poker, where you’ll be able to play between 5 and 100 hands at a time – you’ll need a big bankroll, but this can be especially exciting when your initial 5 cards guarantee you a win, meaning every hands is also guaranteed that win!

BetSoft Video Poker Overview

The games offered by BetSoft are of a good quality and very user friendly – graphically they replicate the casino video poker experience well. Every time you win at a BetSoft game you’ll be offered the chance to ‘double’ – some might find this annoying, while other players will enjoy this. I did find myself inadvertently doubling once – strangely the options are ‘Cancel’ and ‘Double’, where I’d say that ‘Collect’ and ‘Double’ would be more appropriate. Another option I would like to see is an ‘automatic hold’ feature – having been dealt a hand like a flush or a straight, you’ll have to hold all of the cards yourself, which could lead to inadvertent losses. However, all of the games are solid varieties, and you’ll be able to enjoy many types of game offering a wide range of Jackpots, which will suit all types of player.

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