Cosmic Quest Slot Review

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The Cosmic Quest slot is a space based slot game featuring such characters as the Scatter Monkey, a Pink Pilot and a somewhat confused looking Space Dog.  The game is powered by Rival Gaming and offers two bonus features, where you can gain free spins or play in a 1980’s style arcade round. 

In the Cosmic Quest Slot review you’ll find the following: I start with a look at the setup of the game and the basic ways you’ll win when playing. Then I move onto look at the two bonus rounds, explaining how they work and the impact they’ll have on your casino balance.

Cosmic Quest Slot Basics

This game is a five reel slot with 20 win lines, however you’ll be able to play the number of lines of your choosing, so should you want to play just three lines, the option is there. You’ll also choose your coin size when playing.

The best symbol in the game is the Rocket Ride and matching five of these symbols will win you a cool 5,000 coins. This symbol is also the wild one, so will substitute in regular symbols for extra wins. The Rocket Ride really comes into its own on the first bonus round which I shall explain later.  The next best symbol in the game is the spaceman, where five of these will net you 750 coins, with the observatory, the space station and the space dog being the next biggest payouts. Other symbols in the game are the Ray Gun, the Space Helmet, the Space food tubes, a flying satellite and a satellite dish. The final two symbols are the Scatter Monkey and the Pink Pilot, both of which will enable differing bonus rounds when hitting 3 or more anywhere on the reels.

Cosmic Quest Slot Rival Gaming

Cosmic Quest Bonus Rounds

The Scatter Monkey Bonus Round – Hitting the Scatter Monkey three times will enable you to have 10 free spins of the slot. These spins will run automatically, however there is one key difference to a normal spin, in that if hitting the Rocket Ride symbol, this will expand to take up all three slots on the wheel, meaning all three slots are now wild. This can pay great dividends, especially if hitting the rocket symbol more than once, meaning two or more whole reels could be wild.

The Pink Pilot Bonus Round – Having hit the Pink Pilot you’ll be taken to an arcade style round where your job is to destroy asteroids. This bonus game is more ‘Space Invaders’ than ‘Asteroids’ as you’ll simply move your rocket from side to side and only be able to fire upwards. The asteroids appear from the top of the screen and your aim is to destroy them before they reach the bottom – the more you destroy, the more your prize will be. This game is a little bit basic, the game not particularly smooth and the controls not being as responsive as you would like – however, there is a satisfying feeling when you’ve destroyed each asteroid, knowing more cash is coming your way.

Rival iSlots

Cosmic Quest is part of the Rival iSlots series, the aim of which is to make the slots genuinely interactive and entertaining with an unfolding storyline. All of the slots start with a short animated video clip, and as the games move on you’ll be introduced to features and fun interactive mini games. You’ll be able to play iSlots on your PC or Mac either through your browser, or by downloading the casino software. You’ll also be able to enjoy a selection of iSlots on the move - the games designed using HTML 5, which is ideal for when using an iPad or an Android device.

Cosmic Quest – Summary

This slot is an interesting one, without quite hitting the heights. You’ll have many small wins, but the majority of the game is spent waiting for the bonus features, where the bigger wins can be had. Graphically, the game is solid if not spectacular and the sound gives the game some added realism – the theme tune of the game a little like the ‘Superman’ theme. The highlight of the game is the Scatter Monkey bonus round, which will get your adrenaline going and see some potentially big winning amounts.

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