Ultimate Guide To Online Craps - Everything You Need To Know About Casino Craps Games Online

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Online Casinos Make A Great Place To Learn Craps - Or Just To Fine Tune Your Betting Strategy

online casino crapsCraps is one of the most exciting, fast pace games you can find in the casino. It is dice game, originating from Europe, where players have the opportunity to place an array of bets on the numbers rolled. The sheer number of wagers available can be intimidating to new players, even online without the social pressures of the live table, so this guide will take you through the best bets available to you on the table, in order to increase your chances of winning.

The betting sequence in craps is best understood when they are broken down into two key phases – the ‘Come Out’ roll and the ‘Point’ round. As the come out roll establishes the numbers used in the point round it is covered first, explaining how you win in this round and how the game progresses on. The point round is where the majority of betting takes place, so before I get into that you can see how the round is won or lost. Then the best bets in this round are covered starting with ‘betting the odds’ and explaining the ‘Come’ bet. To finish up you can see how to gain a very slight extra edge by taking the alternative route of betting against these common bets, something which many are not comfortable with in a live setting, along with which bets you should avoid in order to keep the house edge as low as possible.

The ‘Come Out’ Roll

The come out roll is the first roll a new shooter makes. Nearly every player bets on this roll and the basic choice here is deciding to bet the ‘Pass Line’ or oppose it by betting on ‘Don’t Pass’. Generally most players bet on the pass line and the odds are similar for both sides, so for now it will be assumed this is the wager which is placed. Once you have placed your bet in the chosen area, the bet stays there until it wins or loses. Winning bets are paid out at even money.

You then make the first roll of the dice. If the roll totals 7 or 11 then pass line bet wins and when craps is rolled, which is a 2, 3 or 12 , the pass line bet loses. In both cases a new come out roll follows. Should another number be rolled then the game progresses to the ‘Point’ round. These numbers, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are the numbers displayed at the top of the table.

The ‘Point’ Round

When you are playing the point round the aim is to repeat the number you rolled previously before you roll a 7. So for example if you rolled a 5 in the come out round then you would win the pass line bet if you roll a 5 again and if you roll a 7 you will lose. A 7 will also mean a change of dice roller, or ‘shooter’ if you are playing with others. Should any other number come up then you roll again until a 5 or 7 is scored.

As the point round can take some time before the point number is repeated or a 7 is rolled, additional bets may be placed on the outcome of the rolls. All players to make additional bets in a live or communal game, adding to the excitement.

craps table layout

Betting The Odds

Once the point round begins you can put down additional bets to back up your pass line bet. This is known as betting the odds. The maximum you are allowed to place on different numbers and should be displayed on the table, normally as 3-4-5x Odds. In this example the lowest multiplier 3x applies to the 4 and 10, 4x applies to the 5 and 9 and the highest 5x applies to 6 and 8. This relates to how large the bet you can place is in relation to your original pass line bet.

So if you had $5 bet on the pass line and your come out roll was a 9, then you can bet up to an additional $20 for a 9 to repeat. Like the original pass line bet this additional bet remains in place until the point number is either rolled again resulting in a win, or a 7 is rolled and the bet is lost.

A strong reason for placing this bet is that the house has no advantage on it, a rarity in a casino game, so it makes sense to take the maximum available whenever possible.

The Come Bet

The come bet works in the same way as the come out roll, only it is placed after the point has been established. This means if you place a come bet you would win that bet on a 7 or 11 and lose on a 2, 3 or 12. So if a 7 is rolled, you would still lose all of your other bets on the table while winning even money on this come bet.

Should a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 be rolled the come bet will be moved to the box of the number thrown, creating a ‘Come Bet Point’. Exactly like the original point number, you can make the additional odds bet on this new point and will be awarded your winnings if the number is rolled. The bet remains in place until a 7 or the original point number is rolled, ending the point round, although you can change your odds bets if you wish, after a win. You may also place a new come bet on the next roll.

A 7 would result in your point bets being lost, however if the original point is rolled, the pass line bet wins and a new come out roll is required. In this case your come bets will often be left on the table. If you have an active come bet, you would win even money if this number is rolled in the new come out round (thus becoming the new point) and lose that wager if a 7 is rolled.  Any odds bets are deemed to be not working on a come out roll and are returned to you. If the shooter rolls another point number rather than the one your come bet is on, then your bet remains active in the new point round and odds bets can be applied once more.

Betting The Dark Side

Betting ‘The Dark Side’ is a phrase used when you choose to bet the ‘Don’t Pass’ line. This is because the majority of players on a live or communal table will be betting the pass line, so you are basically wishing them to lose in order to win. Choosing this side is a very slight favourite by 0.05% over picking a pass line bet, an edge you can comfortably take at home online, which may not be worth upsetting the fun of the game on a live table.

This bet works in the opposite way to the pass line bet, so you win when craps is rolled and lose on a 7 or 11 on the come out round. When another number is rolled and the point round commences, instead of betting for the numbers to come out you are betting against them, winning when a 7 is rolled. This can be continued for your other bets by increasing your lay bet, the opposite of taking odds, and betting on ‘Don’t Come’ instead of come.

Other Craps Bets

As long as you stick with the pass line or don’t pass bets, then placing odds and betting the come, you have taken the best bets in the game. These bets leave the house with a very low edge, reducing wild swings and increasing the chances you will experience a winning session. You will see many other bets still available such as the place bets, buy bets and hard way to name a few. By all means take these bets if you wish to add more fun to your game, although be aware by doing so you are increasing the house edge making it more likely you will lose quicker!

At all costs make sure you avoid the ‘Big 6 and 8’ bets. Not only are you giving up more house edge than you need to, with these bets you are only getting even money wins when you can get a larger 7:6 return with a place bet on the same numbers. 

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