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How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt at a Live Dealer Casino

Gonzo Treasure Hunt Game LogoGonzo has become quite the celebrity when it comes to online gaming in recent years. The Spanish explorer made his name as the lead character in Gonzo’s Quest. This is an online slot featuring the cascade system and ever-increasing multipliers. The game featured excellent visuals with Gonzo himself stealing the show with his animations to the left of the reels.

This new game brings Gonzo into the live casino setting. The explorer becomes the co-host of the game alongside the live dealer casino presenter. This time around, instead of a slot, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is an exciting, interactive, picks game.

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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Basics

Just like the original slot, this game is all about the stones. The main game set up features a 7x10 grid of stones that take up the main portion of the screen. Gonzo stands to the left and the presenter stands to the right. The basic aim of the game is to choose one of the six different colored stones, pick where on the grid you think it will appear, and if you get a match, you win.

In total there are 70 stones. Brown stones are the most populous and pay the lowest odds. There is just a single red stone, which pays the highest prize. Here are the proportions of stones and the odds that each will pay:

  • Brown Stones: There are 27 in total and they pay at odds of 1:1
  • Orange Stones: There are 20 in total and they pay at odds of 2:1
  • Purple Stones: There are 12 in total and they pay at odds of 4:1
  • Green Stones: There are 7 in total and they pay at odds of 8:1
  • Blue Stones: There are 3 in total and they pay at odds of 20:1
  • Red Stone: There is 1 red stone and it pays at odds of 65:1

Gonzo Live Dealer

Step By Step How Do You Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

At the end of each round the stones are cleared and you get to place your bets.

The first thing you do is choose which colored stone you’d like to wager and set a stake. You can choose to make a single pick or make multiple picks. To place where you’d like to make your picks simply click one of the stones. Having made your pick a handprint will appear, so you know exactly where your wager/s are. At this point the action starts, and this is where it gets interesting.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Game Play / Bonuses

While you already know the odds you receive on making a correct pick, at the start of each round there are the opportunities for a variety of bonuses to be added, called the ‘Prize Drop’.

A row of seven stones appears above the main 7x10 grid, with between 0 and 7 bonuses awarded. These bonuses will drop down onto the stones if there is a gap below them (a thin line below these bonus stones will either feature a golden gap, or a stone blocking their way).

Screen shot Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

These extra stones offer the following bonuses:

Bonus Values – These values can be between 3 and 100 and will be added to the odds you receive. For example, if you pick a brown stone at odds of 1:1 and a bonus value of 10 is added to it, you are suddenly awarded much juicier odds of 11:1.

Multipliers – With a multiplier on that top row and a gap below it allowing it to drop, that multiplier will be applied to all of the bonus values. For example, a bonus value of 5 will increase to 15 if a 3x multiplier appears.

Re-Drops – If the re-drop symbol appears, you get to repeat the prize drop again, with the potential for more bonus values and multipliers to be added to the game.

Once the Prize Drop round has ended, all of the 70 stones will be revealed, starting by positioning the 27 lowest-paying brown stones, before the higher paying positions are revealed. The three blue stones and the highest paying red stone are the last to be revealed.

Interactive Adventure - Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Design

This exciting new addition from Evolution Gaming has the feel of a game show. The human presenter is joined by the animated Gonzo and it feels like a real double act – the presenter doing the talking and Gonzo occasionally dancing, playing hide and seek and more. Gonzo also gets the action started by turning a key each round. The Mayan scenery only adds to the overall feel of the game. If you have a VR headset you can enjoy the full 360 degrees experience.  

Where to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

This is one of a growing list of entertaining interactive live dealer games which mix a real dealer with slot, keno and table gaming action.

You can enjoy them right now over at the biggest online casino – Unibet.com – if you choose to play for real money, a massive bonus is waiting for you!

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