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The Best Online Slots from International Game Technology (IGT)

IGT LogoIf your only experience with slots is online, you might easily have missed the games from IGT. Many players are surprised to find out that this is the single biggest slots company in the world. Their specialism is live slot games – IGT make more than 50% of live slots in the US, and a huge proportion of them worldwide too.

Not only are they the biggest company, IGT is the force behind many of the innovations we take for granted as fans of slot games. They created the first progressive jackpots, the first 5 reel video slot games, the first break-out features, first dual-screen games… and are now behind the multi-player live slots where up to 5 players share a giant 103 inch screen with pooled interactive bonus rounds.

Online, things are moving fast. While the wider range of live slots has not yet been moved across to the internet, things are speeding up. A lot of their movie themed games are now available at international casinos (US online casinos do not hold these games). These include some big progressives, and innovative titles too. The purchase of rival WagerWorks in 2010 helped, and as we go into 2021 their interactive division looks poised to bring a lot more titles to the internet... taking on the giants such as MicroGaming and NetEnt.

This page focuses on the online slots, though I have included a section below on some of the live games which are in the pipeline – these really are cutting edge (Avatar, Star Wars and, erm, American Idol to name just 3).

Best IGT Slots Online

One thing you’ll immediately notice with slots from International Game Technology is how many are branded. Tie-ins include some huge TV game shows (US ones) like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and so on. There are also board game tie-ins, with the biggest being Monopoly – which now has several slot variations including one with a big online jackpot. Film tie-ins already online include Ghostbusters and Star Trek. For players of a certain age, you will also find a Dungeons and Dragons themed slot! This is in addition to the standard games, which include some Asian themed titles with Pandas and Dragons.

Note: I have listed my current favourites in a separate Best of IGT article - here you will find my personal top 3, then top 3 designs and then 3 mentions for slots that do things in their own unique way. My favourite was not one I expected to ever admit to linking!

IGT slots do not power entire casinos on their own. These are based on Flash technology and work in your browser. They will adapt to mobile devices with larger screens, though are not yet adapted to smartphones or iPhones. This means that casinos add them as extras, you’ll often find them in their own tab labelled ‘Vegas’ at leading international brands. The best place to play them all is the stylish, online-only and multiple award-winning Mr Green - www.mrgreen.com

There are a lot of good slots to choose from, making it difficult to select just 3. Here are the games I recommend you check out first – before trying out some of the others from the excellent IGT range:

#1 – Monopoly Mega Jackpots: There are 3 Monopoly slots to play online, and the one with the biggest jackpot is actually fairly simple by IGT / WagerWorks standard. This has 9 lines, 2 bonus features (the Pass Go bonus and Win Spin card) and features the familiar Monopoly symbols. The jackpot is pooled between the 3 different IGT progressives (the others are Cleopatra and Cluedo) and can be won by hitting 5 bonus symbols. Note that you have to play 5 credits to be in with a chance of winning the Jackpot prize. Read my Monopoly Mega Jackpots review here.

#2 Ghostbusters Slot: This movie tie-in game is very entertaining, your host (who floats above the reels in the top right) is ‘Slimer’ from the movie. He interacts with the action, and celebrates wins with you! This 3D effect sits on a 30 line video slot with 4 different bonus feature rounds. The ‘Stay Puft’ bonus is  worth seeing, and can net you some big wins. Here is my review of Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Slot

#3 Cleopatra II: I’m including this as an example of how a hugely popular live slot can become a big draw online. This is not a massively interactive game, the ancient Egyptian symbols and game-play are very straight forward – with just a big money free spins round and possibility of a progressive jackpot win to keep you entertained. This shows that you do not always need the high levels of interactivity to produce a hit game. The original Cleopatra from live casinos is more than 25 years old – food for thought when you enjoy this game online! Here is my Cleopatra Mega Jackpot review.

You can find these games (plus 100's more from MicroGaming, NetEnt and other software houses) at the award-winning Mr Green Casino, this innovative site does things differently - see for yourself at www.mrgreen.com

Other Online Slots from IGT

While we are waiting for some of the amazing live slots to come online, there are plenty of options to choose from. These range from Kitch titles like Kitty Glitter, through game slows (Wheel of Fortune) through to games like Super Diamond Delux, which feels more like one of those smartphone games where you have to line up the gems.

These are very playable games, though there only a few stand-out titles at this point in time. The live games pipeline is crammed full of amazing slots... let us hope they are able to bring these online quickly.

Live Slots from IGT

Bankroll Management for Sports BettorsJust a quick mention of some of the latest live slot games already installed in casinos in Vegas and elsewhere. There are two new innovations coming through. The first is the multi-player games, where 5 people share a big screen and have their own smaller screens. I played Avatar, Sex and the City, American Idol and the latest Dark Knight Rises already and they blew me away! Avatar in particular was an amazing game where you select different big screen bonuses as well as having smaller features on your personal screen. Star Wars is also creating quite a buzz, though I have not yet seen this one myself.

The other innovation is progressive bonus rounds. This involves saving your progress, which can be done in some live slots by creating a user name and password. Your progress through the slot is then saved, so you can reach better bonus rounds next time. A great example of this is the latest Lord of the Rings slot.

Online Slots on Mobile Devices from IGT

Most online IGT slots are Flash based. They will work on PCs and Android no problem in your browser, though need a plug-in to operate on Mac / iPads. There is a smaller selection of mobile games available via a dedicated app, with both Apple and Android covered. Titles include Elvis, Kitty Glitter and Wolf Run.

Pros and Cons of IGT Online Slots

Pros of these games are that the games many of us know and love from the casino floor are readily available online. There are some big jackpots ($2 million+ range) and some top-quality games too, including Monopoly and Ghostbusters. These are solid slots, completely professional – you will not find lags, glitches or errors coming from a company with this huge amount of experience of slot gaming.

Cons really come as a feeling of frustration at the unrealized potential. There are so many fantastic titles live that I am getting impatient waiting for them to come online. The current online slots only scratch the surface of what IGT are capable of.

You can check out the best of the IGT slot titles at the award winning Mr Green. This casino does things differently, and includes slot titles from several of the leading software providers. See for yourself and enjoy the amazing IGT slots range at www.mrgreen.com

More Cool IGT Online Slots:

- Super Diamond Deluxe (simple game, with a progressive jackpot)

- Star Trek

- Cluedo Mega Jackpot


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