Real Time Gaming Video Poker

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RTG LogoReal Time Gaming (RTG) was established in 1999 and has built a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of online casino software. The company offer a large selection of games to casino sites, and are perhaps best known for their ‘Real Series’ slots. Unlike many software developers in the casino industry, RTG give individual operators a lot of freedom, meaning these individual sites can set the payout percentages for games. Fortunately for Video Poker players, you’ll quickly be able to see from the payout charts if you’re receiving the ‘industry standard’ payouts on many Video Poker games.

In this article I look at the variety of video poker games offered by RTG. I examine the most popular, with an explanation of how they work and the unique rules that each game has. I finish with an overview of the RTG Video Poker suite and recommend a particular casino where you’ll enjoy RTG software.

Real Time Gaming Video Poker

You’ll find a great number of video poker varieties at RTG. Some of the game will allow you to play more than one hand at a time, with the options being 3-play, 10-play, 52-play and even 100-play alongside the standard 1-play. In these games you’ll receive your first five cards as standard, but the draw will take place multiple times.

When winning at RTG Video Poker you will always be offered the option to ‘double’ each time, and you’ll be able to do this a multiple amount of times on each win.

Due to the individual casinos having the option to set their own payouts, the house edge in these games may vary.

Jacks or Better – This is the most popular of all Video Poker slots (pictured below). In this game there are no wilds or jokers, and you’ll be paid out on any hand which is a pair of Jacks or better (hence the name!).  The standard version of the game is the 9/6 game (after the payouts for Full House and the Straight), although you may find variations, such as 8/5, where the house edge is much larger.

real time gaming jacks or better

Deuces WildIn this game all of the two’s you are dealt will be wild – meaning that there are many more possibilities of hitting a big hand. As such, you’ll need at least 3 of a kind to hit the pay table at this game.

Joker PokerThis game includes jokers which are wild. You’ll need at least a pair of Kings to hit the pay table in this game. There is a special bonus here for being dealt a Royal Flush in sequence (in order from left to right).

RTG Video Poker with Bonus Games

In addition to these most popular Video Poker variations, you’ll also find a good number of bonus games. These bonus games are based around both ‘Jacks and Better’ and ‘Deuces Wild’ at RTG. These are effectively the same games, but with slightly different payouts. In most cases you’ll receive enhanced payouts when hitting 4 of a kind, but to compensate for this, you’ll receive a lower payout on some of the lower hands. You’ll also find games where you’ll receive better payouts the higher your ‘four of a kind’ hand is, or even based upon which other card comes with your four of a kind.

Real Time Gaming Video Poker Overview

RTG have a good range of video poker games – with many bonus games alongside the more standard varieties, offering players more ways to win big. Some video poker varieties will automatically hold some of the better hands – for example a ‘2’ in Deuces wild, but RTG software doesn’t do this, which could be a good addition to the games, and would cut out the chance of making a mistake. The games also offer you the chance to double every time you win – some players will like this option, others won’t.

Video Poker at Bovada

Bovada Casino offers 17 varieties of Video Poker made by RTG, and welcomes US players (though not those from outside the US!). These all include all of the more standard games alongside the bonus games. A particular favourite is the ‘double double Jackpot Poker’ with enhanced payouts when hitting four Aces or Kings along with high ‘kickers’.  

When joining Bovada Casino you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing welcome package worth up to $3,000, paid in eight parts. Additionally, you’ll earn points as you play – these points being redeemable for cash. Video Poker enthusiasts can enjoy Video Poker Wednesdays, where you’ll be able to earn a $52 cash bonus as well as being entered into a weekly draw where 10 players will earn $520. Check out for the latest deals.

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