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An Epic War of the Olympians and Titans on the Reels

Rise of the Titans Slots Dragon GamingIf you enjoy slots with an epic feel, Rise of the Titans from the innovative Dragon Gaming is the game for you. On the reels you’ll find those ageless Greek gods in Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, and Hades. The gameplay includes multiple exciting free spins bonus rounds. Enter the Wrath mode and the wins can be as epic as the game itself. Hit spin and you’ll enter the fantastical battle between the Olympians and those Titans.

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The Lowdown: How Rise of the Titans Slots Work

Rise of the Titans is a five-reel slot, with each of the reels featuring four symbols when the spinning comes to a stop. Across those five reels are a total of 25 win-lines that pay from left to right.

A gold and red wild is the joint highest paying symbol in the game. Land five wilds in a row and you win 250 coins. As the wild, this symbol will substitute for both the gods and playing cards. As usual the special symbols (free spins symbols and the Pandora boxes) are excluded.

Reels View: Rise of the Titans Slots

Joining the wild with a top prize of 250 coins is Zeus. Poseidon is next on the pay table, paying 200 coins for the maximum five in a row. Athena, holding the Medusa styled shields has a max win of 175 coins and Hades pays 150 coins. The Olympians are joined by the metallic A, K, Q and J playing card symbols at the low end of the pay table.

While the features are where your bigger wins will come from, Dragon Gaming has balanced the line hits to make sure regular smaller wins keep your bankroll ticking over.

Four Power Meters

Below the reels you will see four power meters. Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, and Hades appear from left to right. Each time you win with any of these symbols, their power meter will fill.

The ring around the image fills up with a glowing light. Once the ring is full of light, you enter the free spins feature in Wrath Mode (explained below).

Wrath Mode on Rise of the Titans

Rise of the Titans Slots: Pandora’s Box Feature

On the fifth reel a Pandora’s Box symbols will appear. These boxes will be either silver or gold. Each of them contains a random prize. Some of the prizes are instant coin wins of between 2x and 300x your total bet. Free spins can be awarded, Wrath mode free spins can be yours, as well as a power boost to each of the meters.

Free Spins Bonus Feature with Sticky Wilds

As well as filling one of the meters, the free spins feature can also be accessed by landing three or more bonus symbols across the five reels. Land the minimum three and you enjoy 7 free spins. However, four or five bonus symbols increases this number to 14 and 21 spins respectively.

Before playing the spins, one of the following five features will be randomly selected:

  • One sticky wild will remain on the reels throughout the feature.
  • Win bonus spins – 1, 2 or 3 free spins are added to your total.
  • Five or more Pandora’s Box Symbols are added to the reels.
  • Enter Wrath Mode free spins. In Wrath Mode, the symbol that triggered the feature will turn into a sticky wild. By the end of the feature, multiple wilds will connect wins.
  • One whole reel filled with wild symbols.

Prizes Dragon Gaming Titans Slot

War in the Skies – Rise of the Titans Slots Design

The moment you enter this Dragon Gaming slot, it has epic written all over it. Zeus stands on a pillar to the left-hand side of the reels, staring across at his rival. That rival is a demonic Titan. The horned and winged figure has a body that is made up of a mixture of fire and burnt skin. Electricity fires out of the bottom of the Titan’s body. It’s clear Zeus and his compatriots have a battle on their hands.

Overall, the game is excellent visually. The two warring characters are joined by vivid imagery on the reels. Even the playing card symbols add to the grand design of the game, adding a weight with their metallic and flamed designs. The meters and the lightning-styled spin button only add to the overall experience. The epic sound track brings it all together, ensuring there is an almost movie-like feel to the game.

Gods vs. Demons - How does Rise of the Titans Slot Compare?

The Olympians and the Titans is a popular theme in slot gaming, so any new addition to the genre certainly has to stand out. Rise of the Titans certainly achieves this. From the first spin, you are completely engaged in this game. With those 25 fixed pay lines a win is never far away.

It is the power meters, free spins and Pandora’s boxes that pave the way for those oversized pay outs. All set against the excellent sound and graphics, this is a must play – and a great taste of what is to come from the excellent Dragon Gaming.

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Super Slots AG Detailed Casino Review

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